Emma Reyes Wiki, Esposo, Painting, Art

Emma Reyes Wiki, Esposo, Painting, Art

Emma Reyes Wiki, Esposo, Painting, Art – Even the fact that Emma Reyes’ novel even exists is extraordinary, as the translator Daniel Alarcón notes in his preface. She passed away in Bordeaux in 2003 at the age of 84. A native of Colombia, she was an émigré, and her distinctive brand of richly ornamental primitivism was poorly known as a painter.

Emma Reyes Wiki, Esposo, Painting, Art

Only two people, Gabriel Garca Márquez and Reyes’s friend Germán Arciniegas, a Colombian historian and journalist, were aware that she had written this work, despite the fact that she “rubbed shoulders with Alberto Moravia and Jean-Paul Sartre” and was “a kind of godmother to Latin American artists and writers” in France.

The book is made up of 23 letters written by Arciniegas to herself, detailing the traumatic beginning of her life as a young kid and adolescent. everything is both poetic and horrifying how everything is recounted with such quirky grace and unvarnished honesty, a youthful attention to detail, and a disarming explanation of the incomprehensible.

Review of A Memoir in Correspondence, which depicts the traumatic adolescence of a painter

The governor of the Choco region arrives in the town of Chaqueta, and the first thing he sees is “the most beautiful and extraordinary spectacle of my childhood”: a tragic fireworks fire. In addition, “I didn’t cry, because tears wouldn’t have been enough” on the day their mother abandons her infant half-brother.

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Emma Reyes Wiki, Esposo, Painting, ArtEmma Reyes Wiki, Esposo, Painting, Art

The first 18 letters, which are from Paris and were sent between 1969 and 1972, were shown to Márquez by Arciniegas. Reyes was incensed at what she perceived as a breach of confidentiality and stopped writing for 20 years; the last letter, from Bordeaux, is dated 1997. The master responded with gushing praise. Only now, thanks to the perseverance of a little Bogota publisher by the name of Laguna Libros, does the book finally exist.

Since this is a memoir of one’s childhood, political as well as human issues are subtly present throughout the book. Without stating so, Little Emma’s memories recall that her mother, Maria, is a mistress to others whose children she bears, including a politician who goes on to become the aforementioned governor of Choco.

For this, a second infant boy, adored only by Emma, must be abandoned, and a half-brother named Eduardo must be taken from them for greater concealment. Mother Mara, a type of modern-day Latin descendant of Zola’s Nana, exposes the sires’ haughty mistreatment of their concubines, but she is garbage to them, just as the offspring are trash to her.

Emma Reyes Wiki, Esposo, Painting, ArtEmma Reyes Wiki, Esposo, Painting, Art

They develop in filthy environments while seeking drama and illicit pleasures that satisfy their urge to love and be loved. Emma and her older half-sister, Helen, are soon abandoned, and so the “second act” begins. Reyes tries to comply in her own way by adoring Virgin Mary sculptures and longing for a first communion attire.

However, the priest and mother superior claim that she was “born in sin” and later realises her value. She finds the catechism classes to be “boring to death” and prefers “chatting with God and Mary.”

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Young Emma brings enchantment into the realities and vice versa; Reyes is Márquez’s fellow countryman for a reason. A “new girl” shows in carrying a doll that develops into an occult fetish and tells tales from “the world” that are more interesting than those from “Sacred History.” The kids are held in a windowless room where they slumber for days on end. The topography and structure of the convent—also a sweatshop for embroidery—are explained as a system of locks and barriers that mirror the institution’s seclusion.

At the age of 19, Emma makes contact with “the world” outside the locks by looking into the milkman’s eye through a hole he has drilled in the convent wall, where she inevitably witnesses laughter. She steals the key while its custodian is praying in order to return to the world from whence she came. This act of freedom is both intimate and grand, like the book itself.

Emma Reyes Wiki, Esposo, Painting, ArtEmma Reyes Wiki, Esposo, Painting, Art

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