Euphoria: MBTI® Of The Main Characters

home theater Happiness It’s one of the hottest shows on television. Everything about the collection is captivating, whether it’s fancy makeup, bold outfits, or haunting cinematography. However, it is the characters that engage audiences the most in the entire Sam Levinson series.

Whether it’s Maddy Perez or Jules, all the characters make fans expect more from them. Everyone on the show is unique and engaging in their own way, and their traits showcase the 16 personality types created by Isabelle Briggs Myers and Katherine Cook. Who doesn’t love typing while watching their favorite TV show? Let’s watch the MBTI® of the main characters Happiness.

Street – INTP

begin Happiness An MBTI® type, Rue seems to embody the INTP personality type, also known as the “Logician”. People with this particular MBTI® can easily get lost in their own thoughts, which can sometimes lead to real stress and anxiety. If there’s any type of person who spends time thinking about the end of the world, it’s INTP.

They don’t care about superficial matters like school gossip or who’s dating who. They think more than that, and they are often so intelligent that their vast knowledge of the world around them can lead to panic attacks and depression. This is certainly the case for Rue, who seems to embody the INTP personality type as the letter T.

Maddie – ESFP

Maddy lies on the sand of Euphoria beach

Maddy Perez has some really iconic looks and enjoys the wild side of life. She needs constant stimulation and excitement to feel fulfilled mentally and physically. Maddy was born for adventure, and she finds true solace in the unknown. She is a natural entertainer, and people find her outrageous behavior admirable.

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This villain prefers to act before facing the potential consequences. Life is about taking risks for ESFP personality types, and Maddy’s life is about surprising others with all the crazy decisions she makes.

Kat – ISFP

Kat smiles for the camera in Eurphoria

Kat seems to be a very good embodiment of the ISFP personality type. She is often described as “creative” by others, even to people she has just met. Nowhere is this more evident than in her fashion sense, which perfectly matches her personality.

ISFPs all want to express themselves through fashion and art, which is clearly the case with Ms. Kat. She’s also a great writer, as evidenced by her erotic novel One Direction. Thanks to her creativity and wild imagination, she has gained countless fans online. ISFPs produce some of the best writers around, so due to all these factors, Kat is an “explorer” personality type.

Cassie – ISFJ

kathy's joy

Despite her status as a needy TV protagonist, Cassie is often depicted as a kindhearted person, and this is evident throughout the series. Cassie is a sweetheart, there’s no denying that. Even with a bad reputation, Cassie refused to let that negative perception affect her and remained a loyal, genuine person all this time.

ISFJs are known for their kindness and devotion to their friends. They value consistency and absolutely hate change. Cassie panics whenever things start to change around her, especially when people step out of the life she wishes to always be there. Her personality on the show shows that she has a “defender” personality type.

Jules – INFP

jules smiles in excitement

Jules looks a lot like the INFP personality type, also known as a support person. Jules has many of the best quotes right from the start Happiness And she’s the type who doesn’t care what other people think of her.

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She is the type that refuses to conform to society’s standards, while INFPs accept their inappropriate roles. Her fashion sense is unique to her personality type, as if she is declaring to the world through her clothes that it’s okay to be different. Her dreamy, whimsical, and mysterious personality makes her seem like the ultimate INFP.

Nathan – INTJ

Close-up of Nathan in Euphoria

Nathan is an independent guy who likes to take the lead in any situation. He is a force of nature to be reckoned with, and once he is determined to achieve a particular goal, he will not stop until it is achieved.

He was cold, cunning, calculating, and he was superior, thanks to his father putting so much pressure on him. While a healthy/mature INTJ isn’t like Nathan, all personality types have their downsides, and unfortunately, for the “Architect” MBTI®, Nate is one of them. there.

Lexi- INFJ

Lexi dressed as Bob Ross in Euphoria

With a pure heart and innocent personality, Lexi is one of the loveliest characters in the HBO series. There is not much innocence in this wonderful world Happiness So Lexi is a breath of fresh air. Lexi is totally true to herself and she’s not afraid to do silly things (ahem, Bob Ross costume, ahem.)

She is selfless, warm and giving without expecting anything in return. Although she is no longer close to Rue, she still takes care of and supports her no matter what. INFJs are known to be therapists to all their friends and that applies to Ms. Lexi.

Fisco – ISFP

Fezco looks serious in Euphoria

One of the most popular male characters in teen dramas, Fezco is undeniably an ISFP personality type. He just wants to live his life the way he likes, as long as he’s happy and he doesn’t care what other people think of him.

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ISFPs like to put their own joy and happiness above status, and they apply the same theory to everyone around them. ISFPs refuse to judge others based on physical features, preferring to judge a person by their personality rather than their beautiful clothes or how big their house is. He is calm, loyal and very sweet. He is the ultimate ISFP.

Leslie – ISTJ

Close-up of Leslie half-smiling in Euphoria

Leslie, aka Rue’s mother, seems to have the ISTJ personality type, also known as “The Logistics Man”. She is practical, dedicated, organized and a mother and carer. As for Rue, Leslie does everything she can to help her daughter out of trouble, but she doesn’t understand why her daughter would be willing to go down such a brazen path when it comes to drug use.

She is doing what she can to help Rue, and her practical devotion to her daughter shows that she is the most like this MBTI®.


Cal looks to the future in Euphoria

Cal is most likely an ENTJ personality type. Like most people in a “commander” role, Cal’s expectations are high for the people he cares about most. His intentions for his son are not bad, as he wants the best for Nate.

He truly believes that to get his son to the top, he has to work as hard as he can. Classic ENTJ psychology. He’s clearly an unhealthy version of that personality type, and he doesn’t realize until the finale that he’s pushed his son too far. Hopefully next season he can get a chance to redeem himself.

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