War Wild West MOD APK (Unlimited money, resources) 1.1.54

Western denim has been a favorite subject since its inception. The feeling of riding a bicycle alone through the wilderness has become a familiar image to many people. And War Wild West will bring those childhood feelings back to you. A game with a cowboy fortification theme. Conquer each other and compete for resources. Become the number one cowboy camp in the world. Along with many other interesting factors I will tell you shortly.

Inspired by the popular resource building game Clash of Clans. War Wild West also builds on existing elements from the previous game. It is also a way of reinforcement. Train troops, capture other people’s bases and rob money and resources. Even if it only revolves around such simple daily activities. But the appeal that it brings is really indisputable, since there are many other interesting and entertaining mechanics. Players can also experience the fierce World War II or unusual gameplay in 1v1.LOL.

Download War Wild West mod – Build a great cowboy empire

The ultimate goal of the game is to build strong fortresses. Build useful structures such as barracks, gold mines, green oil fields… Recruit and train soldiers. Craft powerful spells and more. Each construction will be in charge of a builder for a period of time. In the beginning, we only had 2 builders. If they’re busy, you won’t be able to build more until they’re done. As you build more buildings, you gain more experience. You will level up and unlock many other new things.

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In addition, you can explore the world by conquering other empires. Bring back tons of gold and resources. A prerequisite for maximizing your army. The gameplay seems to be very repetitive, very boring but has a very special charm. People seem to be obsessed with building strongholds. Watch everything run smoothly and smoothly. It can sometimes get chaotic with exciting matches against other players.

Wild west war mod apk

Many rare resources

Along with building a powerful empire. We have 3 resources in the game: Gold, Green Oil and Black Oil. The first is gold, which is used in the same way that we spend money every day. Used to build all kinds of buildings in the game. Courtesy of Goldmine. They will produce gold at a certain rate based on level. The second is green oil, which is mainly used in military training and magic making. Also used to upgrade gold mines. Finally, there is black oil, which can be extracted to a certain extent. Used to create more powerful mystical armies. You will combine things to build things for yourself.

wild west war apk

More special features

That is not enough. There are many other factors that influence a solid Cowboys camp. Because once we go offline, there is bound to be an opportunity for competitors to take over our resources. Therefore, you need to know about one of the special mechanisms. It is a protective shield, purchased with diamond units, and is the most valuable thing in the game. The shield will protect you from other people’s attacks for a certain amount of time. Depends on the type of shield you buy. They are very useful if you cannot play the game for a few days. There is also a shop theme with different decoration tools. You can design the most beautiful barracks according to your preferences.

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Wild west war free mod

Compete and join clans

Because it is an online game. War Wild West is multiplayer around the world. So meeting new people in the game is really easy. You can do that if you want. Even better, you can join a clan with multiple people. Create opportunities to make more friends. Fight together through chaotic and hilarious guild battles. For ranked mode, you will prepare your army. Attack someone else’s stronghold when they’re not online. Destroying most buildings will give you victory and resources. Compete with many others on the leaderboard by scores.

Wild West War Mod

The endlessly engaging gameplay of War Wild West will delight anyone who wants to rediscover a childhood hobby. You will perform the daily activities of a cowboy rancher. Build the strongest empire and join endless cowboy battles. Download War Wild West mod now and become the great wild west cowboy.

Download War Wild West MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Resources) for Android

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