New Hogwarts Legacy Players Will Never Know The Pain Of Floo Flame Lady

Flame Floo hogwarts heritage is a really cool creation that allows the player to move fast, but the bust of Ignatia Wildsmith in every spot the Floo flame becomes annoying. While it’s understandable that being a bust on the wall will definitely feel lonely, her constant chatter has frustrated many players and wanted to find a way to silence her. Thankfully, she seems to have recognized the hint.

Floo Flames allows players to quickly travel between locations hogwarts heritage. They are very convenient and bring a better quality of life to the game than having the player walk or fly around. Floo Powder’s original inventor was Ignatia Wildsmith, aka “Lady Floo Flame”, so her magical image appears in every Floo Flame location, but unfortunately, it speaks. .

a recent patch hogwarts heritage Includes many positive changes to the game, including lip syncing, characters getting stuck on objects, etc. Yet another change this patch makes that isn’t even included in the build notes. patching is a significant reduction in FAQs and observations from Ms. Flame Flame. Avalanche Software Community Manager at tweet March 9th.

Players are trying to modify the Hogwarts legacy to reduce the Floo Flame Lady Talking

Hogwarts Heritage Hall map location showing collectibles, player locations, and Floo's fast-moving point

Some players have already started hogwarts heritage Stop commenting on Ignatia Wildsmith’s Floo Flame. The new patch doesn’t completely remove Floo fire speech, but the reduction in frequency is noticeable and much appreciated. In the past, even just passing near the location of the Floo’s flames would trigger Ignatia’s comments, which may have been originally designed to let players know they were nearby, but eventually became unnecessary. and annoying.

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hogwarts heritage It does a great job of not annoying players as much as Floo Lady. This change to solve a recurring problem came quite quickly after the developers realized that it was becoming an issue. While no game is perfect for every player, showing they want to fix things, even with minor inconveniences like this, is a positive move from Avalanche Software. hogwarts heritageThe developers of , are always happy to work with fans and make a difference, and this lucky silence is another example.

source: FinchStride/Twitter

Editor’s note: Harry Potter author JK Rowling has been accused of being transgender by people in the LGBTQ+ community. Although not directly involved in the development of Hogwarts Legacy, Rowling still earns royalties from the game. We would like to reiterate our support for transgender rights, transgender identity is valid. Support services for transgender people affected by discussions of transgenderism are listed below.

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