Even Darkseid Can’t Match One Villain from Marvel & DC’s Shared Universe

The DC Universe is full of ridiculously powerful characters like Darkseid and Doomsday, just like the Marvel Universe has powerful characters like Thanos or Doctor Doom, but when those two universes merge, it creates something more. Any villain is a strong character.

While the DC and Marvel universes clearly have different realities, they have intersected many times. There are some crossovers between DC and Marvel properties, such as batman/punisher and even Surprise and DC, but the most important crossover involves the two universes merging together to become the merged universe. It’s a world where DC and Marvel characters come together to create amazing new heroes like Darkclaw (a Batman/Wolverine combo) and Super Soldier (Captain America/Superman). This goes for the villains as well, creating Hyena (Joker/Sabertooth) and Green Skull (Red Skull/Lex Luthor.) However, one of these villain combinations is as terrifying as it gets. that even Darkseid couldn’t resist.

Doomsday & Doctor Doom combine in Doctor Doomsday

Readers Must See This Scary Combination Of Doctor Doom And Doomsday Patrol X #1 By Barbara Randall Kessel, Karl Kessel and Roger Cruz. In this strange new universe, Doom Patrol fuses with the X-Men, and together they try to stop Doctor Doom from dragging the heroes of the DC and Marvel universes into a unified reality and nefarious control. theirs for themselves. Doctor Doom and Doom’s fusion is a big upgrade over the basic villain, easily fighting the entire X-Patrol on flat ground, and while the X-Patrol can thwart the plan of Doctor Doom, they couldn’t defeat him. They simply destroyed the portal he was going to use and fled. Doctor Doom Returns Awesome #1 challenger, Win again by stealing the power of the story hybrid Silver Surfer/Black Racer.

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Doctor Doom was originally The Big Bad Of The Amalgam Universe

Amalgam Comics Doctor Doom

While Darkseid is undoubtedly one of the strongest villains in the DC Universe, he’s shown fear in the past and even ran away from the Apocalypse, and here’s a completely raw version of it. of the Apocalypse, completely devoid of any form of intelligence. The ingenuity endowed with Doom to Doom makes him the deadliest adversary anyone has ever met in a DC or Marvel comic book. This shows up perfectly on great challenger, his ruse grants him the Silver Racer’s touch to death – which further enhances his physical and technical prowess. In fact, Marvel/DC hasn’t released yet secret crisis In the crossover, Doctor Doom will be one of the main villains, alongside Thanoseid, the fusion of Darkseid and Thanos. It shows just how dangerous Doctor Doom must be to be on par with the fusion of two of the greatest villains in comic book history.

powerful apocalyptic doomsday doctor

In the end, Doctor Doom won, as the merged universe didn’t last long and Cross Crisis was never released, meaning he was never taken down by the assembled hybrid heroes. With the power to kill Superman and the unparalleled mind to defeat the Devourer and the Beyond, Doctor Doom is one of the few supervillains that even Darkseid must fear.

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