ExoMiner MOD APK (Unlimited money, relics, points) 1.3.7

Getting rich with ExoMiner is no longer a standard and trivial definition. It gives us limits beyond the vastness of the universe. Make you a merchant across the galaxy with a huge mine. Continue using the resources you have to build an empire. Let the universe know your name. Great ambition never fails us in any way. It makes us stronger and more confident in the work we choose to do.

Since its launch, simulation games have become especially popular around the world. It gives us the most realistic view of the activities in our lives. A bright nomination, among them is the miraculous ExoMiner. Only with dreams in mind can we reach out into the universe and grow. A business you’ve probably never done or heard of before. Idle and simple game mechanics help to manage your models well and not bring boredom but the most interesting and exciting.

Download ExoMiner mod – create a mining empire in the universe

Earth is no longer an ideal place for our mining operations. Instead, think bigger so you can reach your full potential. There are hidden places with many precious minerals that no one on the other planet dares to touch. Use them to place the mines that you want to build. These mines will start looking for workers to carry out their mining operations. In it, you will have to make your minerals more and more. Money is added to your reserves automatically and without interruption. Therefore, new models can be quickly placed on other planets.

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mine construction

On a given planet, you’ll have to start setting up your mine. These mines automatically extract minerals from beneath complex rock formations. The higher the mine level, the easier it is to increase the mining speed. You can place more mines at predefined locations. If the mines are further developed, this will double production. But it will also cost a lot of money to unlock a new area to get rich. So if you have accumulated and invested, you can quickly reach your new goal. Mastering these valuable mines will produce remarkable achievements.

ExoMiner Mod Free

discover new planets

ExoMiner allows players to discover new places on their own. There are different habitats with resources hidden underneath. The resources available in that environment will also be unique. When you sell these resources on the market, you will get different amounts. In order to reach newer planets, we also need to meet certain requirements. For example, reaching an income milestone or having a sufficient number of mines. New planets like Jupiter, Saturn or Mars are places with great potential. It helps if you don’t ignore them in any way.

ExoMiner mod apk


Gems are something that only appear once every thousand years. They will be worth many times the ore you sell. These gems will appear infrequently at certain times. If you are lucky enough to have these, you can exchange them for something better. Gems can also be exchanged for money if nothing else is needed. Each environment produces different gems. If technology develops, the ability to harvest gems will also increase. This surprise will do us a lot of good.

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ExoMiner Mod for Android

Unlock new technology

Our core goal will be more and more modern mining technology. Specifically, in this section, we will look at a lot of different potential cells. Each potential benefit is like increased harvest speed or increased likelihood of gems being found. These skills will also be unlocked with your coins. The more new abilities you unlock, the more coins you earn. Finally, a number of significant advantages are created to maximize the yield of the mine. Of course, nothing can stop you from becoming a billionaire with ExoMiner mod.

Download ExoMiner MOD APK for Android (Unlimited money, relics, points)

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