Fact check: Is Becky G Dad Passed Away? Family and Siblings

There are many fans who worship their favorite celebrities as God and if something bad happens to them it can upset them. Celebrities are always an easy target for fake news and that is why any bad news related to them appears on the web or in the news and fans start searching for the truth about it. Most of the time, celebrity death rumors appeared on the web that easily caught the attention of fans. Many fake websites share fake news to drive a lot of traffic to their website. But it is necessary to check the credibility of the news before believing it.

Is Becky G’s dad dead?

That is why we are here to find out the truth behind the rumors about the death of Becky G. The news of the death of the American contemporary music artist has spread like wildfire and many of her fans are shocked. Fans of the talented singer and actress are looking for the truth about it. This celebrity has won her fans over with her amazing and captivating online videos covering famous songs. Her talent was noticed by producer Dr. Luke, who decided to give her a chance on a music album and offered her a cooperative contract with Kemosabe Records under RCA Records.

becky g's dad

Since then, he never looked back and continued to hit the pinnacle of success. Now she is in the news not because of her upcoming music album or any song by her, but because of the false rumors of her death. Yes, you read that right, all the rumors related to her death are completely false because she is fine and very well. She is not dead, but she sadly lost her father. So she didn’t die, her father did. Not only her father, she also lost her beloved grandfather. Miguel was her grandfather and her unfortunate death left her with deep sadness.

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becky g's dad

To express his grief, he took to his Twitter profile to express his grief over the sudden and sad passing of his grandfather. In Spanish, he says how important Miguel was to her and how he always loved him. Her dedication to keeping Miguel’s memory alive was a testament to her promise to honor him by continuing to pursue her dreams no matter what. Some stupid people misinterpreted her statement and thought that she was the one who died. So all the rumors that she’s gone are completely false and that she’s completely fine.

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