Family Guy: 10 Episodes Where Lois Stole The Show

in previous seasons family guy, Apparently Lois Griffin is a character meant to balance out her husband’s antics. However, as the show progresses, so does her character.

As the season progresses, Lois Griffin has proven herself to be more than just another Maggie Simpson clone, and is currently going through the same hilarious adventures as the other Griffins. With Lois leading so many great adventures, which one really captures her importance as a character?

Deadly Weapon (Season 3, Episode 7)

Season 3 is currently being praised for establishing the different personality traits of the characters that make them unique. One of the changes was to stop making Lois’ wet blankets in the series, and this is one of the first episodes to prove it.

When Bonnie invites Lois to her gymnastics class, she discovers that she is a genius at it. As the episode continues, she notices that her family is becoming increasingly violent towards each other and decides that the family needs to discuss these issues, leading to family arguments that end in whole family laughing at their absurdity.

Hard to Break Out (Part 4, Episode 9)

In this hilarious episode 4, Louise becomes addicted to stealing after stealing a ham from the grocery store. She is eventually caught when Jo realizes she has a stolen painting in their dining room.

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This is one of many episodes that demonstrate how important Lois is to the family, as they are forced to fend for themselves in her absence, leading to the family taking Lois out of jail and fleeing to “Asian City” until they are finally tracked down. down by Joe .

Killing the Fat Man (Season 4, Episode 17)

Another pivotal episode of season 4, “Fat Choke Man”, saw Lois unravel the mystery of a secret brother she never knew existed. She eventually found him at a local mental institution, where he was being held for unknown reasons.

Their reunion is sweet, but is cut short when she learns that Peter is one of her targets, while also discovering that her brother is the infamous “Fat Strangler”. Lois saved Peter before he was in danger, and Patrick was sent back to a mental institution.

FOX-y Lady (Season 7, Episode 10)

When the job of a Fox News broadcaster opened, Lois decided she should audition. While it was an enjoyable experience at first, she quickly realized that the network wanted to hide the fact that Michael Moore and Rush Limbaugh were a couple because that would go against their point of view.

When Lois decided to investigate on her own, she quickly discovered that she was wrong, Michael Moore and Rush Limbaugh were both characters created by Fred Savage to continue the show. The episode also features a hilarious B-Plot, with Peter, Chris, and Meg trying to write a TV pilot.

Baby, You Let Me Down (Season 9, Episode 5)

In the episode Prove You Shouldn’t Mess With Lois, Peter gets tickets to a Foxy boxing match in town. When Peter volunteers to let Lois fight a girl in the ring, she discovers that she is a good fighter and that Peter wants to be her manager.

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Louise decided to retire as a boxer, but Adam West held a statue ceremony in her honor. She was soon challenged by another female fighter who said she wanted to be the one to end Lois’ winning streak, but lost.

Lois’ Shedding (Season 11, Episode 7)

In one of the best episodes of season 11, Peter embarrassed Lois at her surprise party with a joke he wrote about how old she was, sending Lois into a midlife crisis. . Peter likes that Lois acts younger, but her partying lifestyle makes it hard for Peter to keep up.

When Peter watched a news broadcast about a local Justin Bieber concert Lois was going to attend, Peter discovered that Lois was trying to seduce Justin Bieber in his dressing room. Peter eventually apologized for what he said at the party, explaining that he loved her for who she was.

Baking Bad (Season 13, Episode 3)

After Louise organized a blood donation drive, she decided to bake cookies for blood donors. When Peter tried one, he convinced Louis to decide to open a cookie shop called “Peter’s Wife’s Cookies”.

Peter is worried about the store’s poor business, and Quagmire explains that if his store had more women, customers would keep coming, which led Peter to turn the store into an escape club. y cookie themed. When Peter realized he had ruined her business, they sold it back to the bank.

Hot Pocket-Dial (Season 14, Episode 7)

In this episode, Quagmire accidentally calls Peter about how he fell in love with Lois, and Peter tries to get over it. During a family barbecue, Peter and Quagmire argue and Quagmire decides to move out.

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Lois thinks it’s ridiculous that Peter is obsessed with it, since Quagmire is his best friend and would never try anything. She soon visits Quagmire at his new apartment, and everyone agrees not to talk about it anymore and remains friends.

Throw it away (season 17, episode 18)

Family Guy has a history of mocking the latest fads, one of which is minimalism. Lois becomes obsessed with throwing things away when she reads a book about organizing by Tricia Takanawa.

She quickly went mad and threw everything in the house, including her family, but still did not feel the joy described in the book. After the family found her, Lois apologized to her and they went home to get back the items they had given away.

Customer of the Week (Season 19, Episode 15)

Lois Griffin cries at customer of the week

In “Shopper of the Week,” we see Louise tackle the dysfunctional family’s daily chores as well as the ones she does herself. When Lois starts to feel unappreciated, she goes to the same coffee shop every day to win their “Customer of the Week” contest.

She found a way to win customer of the week by saving the life of a barista who was allergic to peanuts, but ended up in a coma from peanuts she grew herself. To cover up the truth, Lois kidnaps another bartender and his roommate, and is eventually captured. After being released from prison, she goes to a new cafe competing in the same competition.

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