Fast X Poster: Fast & Furious Franchise’s Biggest Cast Unites For Another Ride

a new one fast x The poster showcases the series’ largest cast to date. Main Line Fast and furious The franchise is heading to an epic two-part finale, with the penultimate entry having an official name fast x and in theaters this spring.and fast xThe much-anticipated first screening is accelerating and the marketing rampage is peaking, super big fast x A trailer was released last month.

Now, the high-octane franchise is continuing to hype its newest installment fast x posters, as follows:

By sharing fast legend On Twitter, posters show Fast and furious The biggest cast in the series reunites and the title is the much-anticipated catchphrase, “In the end, it’s the family that matters. The famous Christ the Redeemer can be seen in the background of the poster, revealing fast x will return to rio de janeiro fast yearThe robbery happened fast x Will revisit and reconnect via flashback.

Every new and returning character on the Fast X . poster

Vin Diesel as Dom in Fast X.

this fast x The cast is once again led by Vin Diesel’s Dominique Toretto, Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez), Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Tye (Ludacris), Mia (Jordana Brewster), Han (Song Kang), Ramsay (Natalie Emmanuel) ) and Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham).jacob by john cena, he was in F9 As Dom’s brother and main antagonist, will join fast x as an obvious ally. Charlize’s villain Cipher is also back, and this time, she’s found a powerful new ally.

fast xThe most anticipated new characters include NeptuneJason Momoa as Dante, son of Hernán Reyes, returns with vengeance, and Captain MarvelBrie Larson plays Tess, the mob representative of the Mister Nobody company. Other new characters appearing on the poster are suicide squadDaniela Melchior, who plays a Brazilian street racer, and ArriveAlan Ritchson plays Agent Aimes, the new head of the company Mister Nobody. Normally, movie franchises struggle with such a large cast, but Fast and furious has been successful in the past and has been active for quite some time, fast x It is possible to do justice to each character.

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