Final Fantasy XIV: How to Get The Auspicious Kamuy Fife (Mount Guide)

The auspicious Kamui is one of the eight rare Kamui mounts final fantasy 14 blood storm, And it can be summoned by the auspicious god Weifafu. Like other Kamui mounts, auspicious Kamui can only be obtained by final fantasy 14expansion. However, thanks to the Moogle Treasure House event, players will be able to obtain the Auspicious Mountain God in other ways for a limited time. Moogle Treasure Trove will run from October 19 to November 23 only. The Last PedestrianRelease date of .

Needless to say, auspicious power can only be possessed by blood storm extend. Players using the trial version must purchase the entire game, as the trial version only includes heaven. If the player manages to final fantasy 14they can unlock the legendary Kamuy, the largest and rarest of all Kamuys.

Get the auspicious god Wei Fafu final fantasy 14the player must first complete the final MSQ of the second expansion,”blood storm. “The player should then go to Kugane and talk to the tramp that can be found at X:11.6, Y:12.6. He will give the player an almost level 70 quest called “song from the key kulkin. “The quest completes itself after the player talks to the quest giver, but it also unlocks Prerequisite Primitives to access the Extreme Trials final fantasy 14 blood storm.

How to get the good Kamuy Fife in Final Fantasy XIV

this final fantasy 14 The Extreme Trial that drops off the auspicious Kamuy Fife is The Jade Stoa Extreme, also known as Byakko EX. Requires level 340 items, this level 70 boss battle requires players a lot of mechanical skill. As long as the player understands and learns to avoid the white tiger’s attack patterns, they should be able to take down the white tiger relatively effectively. If the player is unable to obtain the rare Byakko EX drop, they can bring the Byakko Totem obtained from the Challenge to Eschina at the stall in Rhalgr’s Reach. Here, they can exchange 99 white tiger totems for the auspicious god Weifafu.

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Candidates final fantasy 14The limited Moogle Treasure event can also obtain the auspicious god Weifafu. They can buy Fifes from Moogles for the unusual 50 Tomestones of Lore.

final fantasy 14 Available on PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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