Find a ghost with legs in just 13 seconds

Nathaly Vizarreta 15.10.2023. 18:07 p. m.

Welcome to the exciting world of seek and find, where your visual acumen will face a visual challenge. In this clever game, your task is to find a ghost with legs in just 13 seconds. Are you ready to test your observation skills and mental speed?

For the youngest, this activity is not only fun, it is a golden opportunity to sharpen their observation skills and strengthen their minds while having fun. Now, for adults, this is not just a child’s game, it is a brain battle where only the most cunning will survive. Let the ghost hunting begin!

Can you find the ghost in 13 seconds?

The key here is to observe precisely. This challenge is a direct assessment of your observational skills. The picture above these lines shows a Halloween scene, a park full of people dressed as ghosts, skeletons and other creatures. Your mission is to discover an unusual ghost that is distinguished by the fact that it has legs. And the best part: you only have 13 seconds to find it. Let the search begin!

VISUAL CHALLENGE | Want to know how good your observation skills are? Find a ghost with legs in 13 seconds. | sling

A visual response to the challenge

Now I will show you where the cunning spirit with legs is hiding. It is located right next to the tree in the lower left corner of the screen. So that there is no room for error, the solution is marked with a red circle below:

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VISUAL CHALLENGE |  The ghost can be seen standing near a tree in the lower left corner of the screen, away from the center.  |  slingVISUAL CHALLENGE | The ghost can be seen standing near a tree in the lower left corner of the screen, away from the center. | sling

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