Find all 15 faces in 20 seconds and show your intelligence in this visual puzzle

Nathaly Vizarreta 16.09.2023 09:21 p. m.

In this impressive visual puzzle, a world with more than 15 faces is hidden in the middle of a marvelous picture. Work from Octavio Ocampo, recognized for his artistic genius, challenges those who observe him to discover his visual secrets. They say that only those with a high IQ have the ability to fully see and appreciate all the hidden sides of this unique artistic creation.

Every detail of the image is carefully designed to trick perception, making the faces appear almost magically when viewed up close. This type of work not only visually delights us, but also invites us to explore the depth of our thinking and ability to observe. Ultimately, this optical illusion is a reminder of the richness to be found in art when you look beyond the surface.

Picture of a visual puzzle

With the naked eye, you may be able to make out a windmill, a prominent face, two soldiers, or other camouflaged objects. Illusion tells the famous story of Don Quixote, a Spaniard who seems to lose his mind in his desire to become a knight and restore chivalry. Many felt that they share the same madness as they search for the 15 hidden faces in this illusion. Are you ready to dive into the search?

VISUAL PUZZLE | This impressive pictorial work made many viewers constantly search for all the hidden factions. |Twitter.

Visual answer to the riddle

Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to find all the faces, because I’ve rounded them up below. In the center and to the left of the picture you can see the figure of Xarif working in the field, and perhaps the face of a dog. In the upper right corner of the artwork, a spectral face can be seen watching the scene. The two men in the center of the picture are Don Quixote himself and the farmer Sancho Panza.

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SOLUTION OF THE VISUAL PUZZLE |  This defiant illusion contains countless faces.  Did you manage to find them all?  Credit: Twitter.SOLUTION OF THE VISUAL PUZZLE | This challenging illusion contains countless faces. Did you manage to find them all? Credit: Twitter.

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