First Live-Action Spider-Woman Confirmed To Appear In Sony’s Spider-Man Spinoff Madame Web

by sony Spiderman feature films, Mrs. Weberwill officially feature Spider-Woman, making the film her live-action debut. One of the most mysterious upcoming movies in Sony’s Spider-Man universe is Mrs. Weber, featuring Dakota Johnson as the main heroine. Based on photos and videos during production, Mrs. Weber In what appears to be a prequel in some ways, it is said to take place in the early 2000s. While Johnson starred in the film, Mrs. Webb hired many actors whose roles were kept under wraps.

one of them is Happiness Star Sydney Sweeney (Sydney Sweeney) was once rumored to play Spider-Woman, especially the Julia Carpenter version. After months of silence on the mystery, Sweeney has officially confirmed that she will Mrs. Weber. In an interview movie magazine (overcome radar game,) Sweeney broke her silence about being one of Marvel’s iconic Spider-Man heroes while also teasing her energy with her co-stars, sharing the following:

I am very excited. I can’t wait to talk about it. I can’t wait to be with the girls I’ll be photographing – Dakota and Isabella, and Celeste. We have a lot of fun together. I’m really excited because these will be the strong women the world can see.

Who is Marvel’s Julia Carpenter?

Created by Jim Shooter and Mike Zeck, Julia made her Marvel Comics debut in June 1984 and has had several hero titles throughout her history. In the lore, she is the second Spider-Man, with Jessica Drew being the first and most famous Spider-Man. At one point, Julia even became Mrs. Webb when Cassandra Webb died after passing her powers on to the young hero.

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Julia’s versatility as both Spider-Woman and Mrs. The Web raised many questions about how the live-action film would handle Sweeney’s version. Mrs. Weber Could give Sweeney a bigger role in Sony’s Spider-Man universe. Spiderman Filmmaker Amy Pascal recently confirmed that a Spider-Man movie is in the works, which could be a spinoff of Sweeney’s character.

And Mrs. Weber With less than a year to go before it hits theaters, Sony could start marketing the film soon. Whenever the first trailer comes out, it can give people a better look at Sweeney’s Spider-Man. Spiderman feature film. expect, Mrs. Weber It will be one of the big comic book movies featured at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and the world can finally enjoy this enigmatic Marvel movie.

Source: Total Film Magazine (via Games Radar)

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