FNAF: Security Breach Player Creates Real Fazwatch Replica

fan FNAF: breach of security Create a copy of Fazwatch in the game to navigate the new world FNAF Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex location. FNAF: breach of security Put the player in the shoes of new character Gregory, a child who must survive until 6 a.m. against animated and human threats.

FNAF: breach of security take five nights at freddy’s The series went in a whole new direction, giving fans the chance to roam Pizzaplex freely in an AAA environment. The game focuses on survival horror elements, in which Gregory needs to run, hide and explore to survive the night with the help of Glamrock Freddy. The game features brand new animatronics and a 1980s aesthetic with bold, bright character designs. The new Pizzaplex is one of the series’ biggest environments, the developer has confirmed FNAF The locations are inspired by real palaces.

Redditors and FNAF: breach of security SquatChild fans have shared what their 3D printed real-life copy of Fazwatch looks like. The watch perfectly emulates the one Gregory wears in the game, complete with Glamrock Freddy’s signature ears and hat. Fazwatch is designed for smart watch, Thingiverse print file created by McflyinFNaF includes display case and strap. SquatChild decorated their 3D printed Fazwatch to mimic the Glamrock animatronic, carefully painting the piece in Freddy’s colors, even including his lightning bolt design.

Check out the Reddit post here.

Fazwatch is an essential survival tool in Steel Wool Studios’ latest installment and has become a staple in the franchise’s community. Intrigued by the colorful clock design, another fan of the game recently imagined something else. FNAF Animatronic Fazwatches might look like, creating artwork depicting variations of Fazwatch for Glamrock Monty, Chica, and Roxy. Due to Fazwatch’s popularity, fans will likely see other variations appear in future games and with security breach DLC is currently being negotiated, which could happen soon.

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this five nights at freddy’s The series has always enjoyed a strong following on the internet, with fans creating their own artwork, models, characters, etc. based on many of the series’ characters and animatronics. The latest game is no exception, and players quickly get into role-playing, taking inspiration from some of the game’s new threats and heroes, and even creating FNAF Imagine a fan art piece of an older Gregory. Since this game is a fairly new release, it’s likely that there will be more fan creations based on security breach The rollout will continue in the coming months.

Source: SquatChild/Reddit, McflyinFNaF/Thingiverse

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