Friends: All Of Joey’s Sisters & How They’re Different

Friend Well, the news is back again, as Courtney Cox recently responded to a Twitter/Instagram post by Kane West in which he stated that he has never found the show funny. However, West’s statement is more controversial than he might realize because Friend Still one of the most beloved sitcoms of the 1990s/early 2000s.

One of the many jokes that occasionally pop up throughout the sitcom is the family of Joey Tribbiani, the only son of seven sisters who all look alike. In their debut, the entire b-plot of the episode revolved around Chandler’s inability to tell them apart. But each of Joy’s sisters needed to be distinguished in some way, whether for plot purposes at the time or to reappear in later episodes. While most of the actresses haven’t moved on to spin-offs yet, Joeysome people did, giving them something extra to identify them.

Mary Theresa / Mary Theresa

Mary Therese is one of the few exceptions as she is played by two different actresses, Mimi Lieber Friend and rich christina JoeyThere also seem to be some changes to her name, as she is called Marie Theresa in the original and Marie Theresa in the latter.

Aside from her tendency to be spoiled and pampered, Marie Theresa’s two appearances have nothing in common. Her original personality is bold, sharp, and outspoken, but deeply concerned for the well-being of all her siblings. Her appearance in the side story shows that she is very rude and disinterested in her family. In terms of looks, she is much shorter in her second appearance and is the second smallest in the family, while she is the eldest and tallest of her older sisters. Friend.

Mary Angela


Mary Angela, played by Holly Gagnier, is the shyest of her siblings, but like her sisters, she’s also very strong. In her first and only appearance on the series, she and Chandler are joking around while Chandler gets drunk, and he spends the entire episode trying to figure out which sister she is.

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Although she is the smallest of the group, Mary Angela is very much like her sisters. Despite her shy nature, she is shown to be very comfortable with who she is, and when she is heartbroken by Chandler’s actions, she does not hesitate to run to her brother for help, as seen in Episode 1. The second example illustrates that she loves his brother very much.



in the event In both series, Joey makes many questionable decisions. When Dina reached out to him to tell him she was pregnant, her threatening to hit his boyfriend was a topic of less discussion, but it was a defining moment when it came to Joey’s overprotection of his sister. That said, Dina appears twice throughout the series and has a one-episode character arc that sets her apart significantly from the rest and sets her character apart more than some sisters. her other sister.

Dina, the youngest in the family, is characterized by long hair in her first appearance, but with short hair in her second appearance. She is played by Lisa Melily in the first episode and Mara Sokolov in the second, and she does not appear in the spin-off.



Out of the entire Tribbiani family, Gina is the one with the most inconsistent personality Friend And Joey. played by KJ Steinbern FriendStanding around Joy’s height, she bears a striking resemblance to the other sisters, with a matching hairstyle.exist JoeyIn , she is played by Drea de Matteo and appears to be a few inches taller, with long strawberry blonde hair.

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Aside from the difference in looks between the two shows, Joey is said to be the eldest of his siblings. Friendand Gina is said to be Joey’s sister on the show Joey. Her personality changes between these shows, which, although a bit confusing, makes her the most distinguishable of the sisters.



Tina only appeared once in the entire run of both shows, making it all the more difficult to distinguish her from her sisters. However, she has some special features.

Tina has a slightly rounder face than most of her sisters, and in her two appearances throughout the episode, her hair has a slight fringe in front of it. She also seems to be the tallest of her sisters. She is played by Lisa Maris, whose definition of the main character was created through a random Joey comment in which she states that she is no longer allowed to see her husband, because of her husband. ordered her to be banned. unknown reason.


Veronica-joeys-your sister

Like Tina, not much is known about Veronica. The most notable feature of her appearance is her hair, as her hairstyle appears to be larger than any of her older sisters. It is also darker than the other colors, closer to black. She has a long face, like Tina, and seems taller than most of the others.

Veronica’s character is barely developed. Based on a comment in an episode Joey, she is a big food fan like her brother. She only appeared once between performances, but of course, she was as beloved by her siblings as anyone else.

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Cookie Joy sisters and friends

Cookies may be the most special of all the Tribbiani sisters. With a low voice, short hair and tough appearance, Cookie stands out among the sisters. She was first introduced to the audience by commenting on how she once shot her husband and punched Chandler one last time in the face. It’s safe to say that she is considered the breadwinner of the family.

Cookie wears a lot of leather and looks tough. Even though she only appeared once Friendshe is definitely one of the most memorable Tribbianis on the show.

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