Funny footage. Very funny parrot tries to go invisible every time he knows a veterinarian is about to visit

Cockatoo Max visited the vet last week. Now when he had to go to the vet, he was acting crazy.

The cockatoo had a successful examination but refused to go to the veterinarian. He realized that his owner was going to take him to the vet because the owner was on the floor trying to catch him.

The cockatoo shows that it hates going to the vet. Cockatoos squawk and chirp. Cockatoos scream trying to avoid going to the vet.

Its owner explained that it was going to the vet to have its toenails trimmed. The cockatoo’s owner captured the adorable sight and the cockatoo’s reaction was priceless.

The hysterical behavior clearly shows that the cockatoo is scared of the real situation and is trying to skip going to the vet. Be prepared to laugh a lot because the parrot behaves very funny.

The cockatoo found his blanket under the table. Cockatoos never stop arguing and it’s pretty funny. Sounds like a cockatoo saying “I don’t want to”.

Watch the video here:

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