Funny videos. A pensioner built a special dog train to take his rescued dogs on small trips

He is a retired old man, already 87 years old. His name is Eugene Bostick. Now he dedicates his life to being a conductor. He is the conductor of the trains for the stray dogs he keeps.

He never thought he would devote his golden years to saving his cubs and brightening their days.

A man and his brother feed and care for stray dogs. Besides, humans have found a way to make dogs happy. Dogs have ample space to run and play on Bostick’s farm.

The man thought of building a special train for dogs. He built it so he could take them to other places. He took the plastic crates, drilled holes in them and fixed them by placing wheels underneath. He built a special train for dogs.

That’s how Dog Train was born. An old man can be seen leading his 9 rescued dogs on this train journey. Take the dogs for a breath of fresh air on quiet and uncrowded streets.

The man attracted the attention of the locals. They asked him to take pictures of him and his cute dogs. He is a kind man.

Locals praise him for his good deed. The man says he will continue to make his dogs’ lives happier and more beautiful for as long as he can.

Here is the video:

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