Funny videos. Two police horses excellent performance when participating in outdoor dance class is very active and impressive

This story is about two police horses participating in salsa dancing. It happened in the Netherlands at an outdoor salsa class.

They made the show impressive. These four-legged dancers make dancing fun. The scene was shot and made everyone’s day more cheerful and bright.

The dance instructor couldn’t even imagine that two police horses would join the dance. The dance instructor named Fiek Vdh. The rehearsal of the dance course was held in the city of The Hague.

The outdoor dance class caught everyone’s attention, but what was interesting was that it also attracted the attention of two police officers.

The police horses move and perform salsa dancing skills in an extremely professional way. At first, the dancers started laughing, but after a while they enjoyed dancing with them. This is a sweet and passionate moment.

Here is a funny video:

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