Game of Thrones: 10 Hilarious Jon Snow Memes That Will Have You Cry-Laughing

Fans have had mixed reactions to the topic since the Game of Thrones finale, as reactions to the finale were polarizing. But surprisingly, memes are one area that benefits from this, as we’ve had a lot of that since the series ended.

However, Jon Snow is one such character who has always had memes dedicated to him from the beginning, and his awkward nature means he has contributed to more memes being made by fans. We think it’s best to remember the show in a more positive light, so here are 10 hilarious Jon Snow memes you’ll love.

He is resting now

Those who don’t know about Game of Thrones will certainly attest to this theme, as Jon Snow has exclusively used this expression in media releases to promote it. Fans of the show are well aware of this, too, because Jon doesn’t have many happy moments anyway.

Because of this, he’s often referred to as the eternally distressed protagonist, something you don’t find in other shows. As for why people pay so much attention to him, it has to do with how dramatic he can be in moments of rage, making you want to give him a comforting hug.

Remember that mystery?

The peak of Jon Snow memes was a few years ago, when fans went wild on the internet when he died. While it wasn’t the most popular episode of the season, it easily got viewers excited for Season 6.

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Since the producers were coy about whether Jon was actually dead or alive, fans began comparing Jon to Schrödinger’s cat. Interestingly, this is the best way to put the situation into context, since we don’t really know what Jon’s status is supposed to be.

Don’t understand joy

Maybe the reason Jon is forever miserable is that he doesn’t know what it feels like to enjoy himself. After all, just when the guy seems to have finally found happiness, there’s always some tragedy that befalls him.

Therefore, we can assume that Jon himself may be responsible for his worried demeanor, as his constant misfortunes mean that he comes to despise the idea of ​​fun. Once you view this meme and can easily imagine him saying these words, you know it’s true.

A little too real

Much preparation has gone into the final meeting between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, but the road to that meeting is littered with many obstacles. The most believable of these is her previous marital status, but other than that, everything about the couple is weird.

First, she is the true mother of dragons. If anyone thinks this isn’t too weird, let us remind you that Jon is her nephew…and her lover. To that end, this meme is both hilarious and a little too real.

King’s profile

While Game of Thrones is not a comedy series, it does have its fair share of jokes, most of which are awkward moments made up for entertainment. After about six years of waiting, we finally get to see Jon and Daenerys meet, and it immediately turns into a comedic scene.

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Daenerys holds a long list of titles and Jon looks like a boy compared to her, which is even more noticeable when Davos announces that he is just Jon Snow. If this meme came to life, maybe Jon would look more intimidating.

Jon has no game

Most of the characters on the show are very forthright when it comes to courtship, but Jon often doesn’t seem to have much of a clue. His romance with Daenerys in particular has to do with him avoiding issues.

If you haven’t watched the show in a while, you might think this is a scene that actually happened. Since Jon usually screws up romantically, he might end up complimenting his own appearance instead of Daenerys’s.

Jaime Lannister agrees

The infamous pairing of Cersei and Jaime Lannister has been one of the talking points of Game of Thrones for years, and no one really thought there could be an even weirder pairing. That is, until we established the relationship between Jon and Daenerys.

Everyone was disgusted when they found out Daenerys was actually Jon’s aunt, but Jaime could never make any judgment calls. That’s why this meme has him congratulating Jon because Jaime isn’t the only one with romantic confusion anymore.

this should happen

Most people expected Jon Snow to become even more powerful after his resurrection. These scenarios aren’t unfounded either, as Game of Thrones has been compared to The Lord of the Rings, so it’s natural for people to assume something about Gandalf the White.

If that happens, then we’ll have no choice but to bring back Jon Snow in a “white” version like Gandalf did. Even though the memes make fun of him being “Snow White,” we thought it would be cool to see Jon Snow in a different color scheme.

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he is a keeper

Only a handful of other media franchises have brought in a strong female character like Daenerys, and the reason she’s celebrated so much is because Daenerys also retains her maternal side, rather than just being a stand-alone warrior.

Since she’s actually considered the mother of her dragons, Jon Snow’s ability to get close to Drogon is like a potential stepfather proving himself up to the task. We can definitely see this being the moment she falls for him.

he just wants to sing

Once fans’ shock over Jon Snow’s death wore off, the aftermath of the news turned to comedy. His last name was the easiest place for something like this to begin, and it quickly became coupled with his death.

This meme suggests that Jon wasn’t dead in the first place, just lying in the snow brooding. Those who know the band Snow Patrol will remember their hit song “Chasing Cars”, which featured the lead singer lying on his back – it seems Jon was a fan and just wanted his own version of the song.

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