Genshin Impact: 9 Things You Didn’t Know About Mona

After being introduced less than a year ago, Mona Megistus has become one of the most popular characters in Genshin Impact. Even with her new status as Genshin‘s most beloved astrologist, Mona has many secret abilities and details that some players may still miss.

With this game’s large open world and extensive cast, it is easy for players to not notice details about each playable character. Mona has plenty of obscure and unique aspects that not only might contribute to the future plot of the game, but can also be incredibly useful while playing the game.

Can Only Be Obtained By Wishes

Unlike some of the other characters, Mona can only be obtained by Wishes, which is the gacha game in Genshin Impact. If a player has Acquaint Fates, then they can use them in Wanderlust Invocation, which is the Standard Wish Banner that has no time limit, to possibly get her. Also, if a player is new to the game and has not used their Beginners’ Wish Banner yet, then one of those 20 Wishes may also give the player Mona. She also is available during limited-time event Wishes, which can be obtained using Intertwined Fates.

Some characters, like Amber, can be freely obtained while progressing through the story or completing certain tasks. Other characters, like Razor, can be obtained through Paimon’s Bargains. For characters like Mona, however, the player must win the character by chance. Many fans are willing to spend the time since she is considered to be one of the best characters.

Mona Knows The Traveler Is From Another World

A cose-up of the Traveler against a stormy sky in Genshin Impact

At the start of Mona’s story quest titled “Astrolabos Chapter – Act I: Beyond This World’s Stars,” Mona abruptly appears in front of the Traveler, says that she has been waiting for them and tells them to join her. When Paimon questions Mona’s intentions, Mona immediately responds with “You’re not from this world, are you?” Since she is a “master of astrology,” she is able to see that the Traveler came from somewhere else.

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With this revelation, Mona becomes one of the few characters who knows that the Traveler came from elsewhere. Her slight knowledge of the Traveler puts Mona in a good position to possibly be more narratively relevant in future plot lines.

Conducts Astrology Through Hydromancy

Mona using her abilities in Genshin Impact

During the same story quest, Mona tries to explain to the Traveler how her astrology abilities work. Since Mona specializes in hydromancy, she uses the reflections of the stars in the water to make her predictions. In her second character story, Mona explains that “though its reflection in water is but an illusion, it reveals the truth nonetheless.”

Because the Traveler wants to know what the stars say about their own destiny, they decide to help Mona in this story quest. Although Mona is not strong enough to give them an astrological reading at the moment, the possibility of her being able to someday see into the Traveler’s astrology reading makes it seem like she will have a large narrative role in the future.

Rare Catalyst User

A menu for Mona's powers in Genshin Impact

Mona is a Catalyst user, which is one of the five weapon types in the game. Catalyst wielders primarily deal with magical elemental attacks, which means they are good for distance fighting. Out of all the characters currently available in the game, only seven characters are Catalyst users. She is also currently the only Hydro Catalyst user who is a five-star character. The only other character who is a five-star character and a catalyst user is Klee, but her main element is Pyro rather than Hydro.

Since Mona has these unique abilities, she is able to do things most characters in the game cannot do. Because of this, players that want this type of gameplay at the moment will need to use her as one of their playable characters to advance in the game.

Rare Hydro User

Mona is submerged in blue water in Genshin Impact.

Along with being a rare Catalyst user, Mona is also one of the few characters to have Hydro as their element while most other characters have elements such as Cryo. Besides herself, there are only three other characters with the Hydro element. Out of those three characters, only Tartaglia is a five-star character, and his main weapon is Bow rather than Catalyst. Mona’s rare abilities make her a popular character among players, but this may not be true for long. Sangonomiya Kokomi is a new upcoming five-star Hydro Catalyst character that may take Mona’s place.

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With Mona being an extremely rare Hydro Catalyst character, players that want this particular type of gameplay will need to use her instead of other characters. The rarity of this combination may be due to the fact that it is incredibly powerful. For example, Mona’s Elemental Burst, Stellaris Phantasm, is a devastating move that can greatly damage multiple foes and apply various status effects.

Can Sprint Through Water

Mona with water splashing around in Genshin Impact

Mona has several interesting animations, which includes her ability to sprint through water. While moving across Genshin‘s large open world that contains plenty of hidden details, trying to swim through small bodies of water to get to places may seem annoying and take up too much time. Because of this, many players use Mona’s alternative sprint, “Illusory Torrent,” to move quickly through water. The sprint also inflicts the status effect “Wet” on enemies when she reappears.

Terrible With Money

Mona sitting down in Genshin Impact

During her story quest, Mona shows plenty of signs that she is not good with money. Despite her financial struggles, Mona refuses to use her Astrological abilities to help because she believes it will negatively affect her accuracy skill. Instead, she finds other ways to earn a living. The third character story goes deeper into Mona’s struggles with Mora. Besides not using her abilities, she also struggles with finances because she uses all the money she earns on expensive Astrology equipment. Hopefully, with all the new foods available in each update, the Traveler will be able to help feed this poor astrologist.

Mona’s struggles with money add an interesting layer to her character. Despite her powerful abilities, she refuses to use them for monetary gains, which shows that she has a strong resolve and has pride in her powers.

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Columnist For The Steambird

Mona weaves a spell with her right hand in Genshin Impact.

One of the ways Mona is able to make some income and stay afloat financially is by being a columnist for The Steambird, which is the Court of Fontaine’s newspaper. For this periodical, she writes for a column called “All Things Astrological,” and her writing is extremely academic-focused. Mona’s job at this newspaper came to her completely by chance. While the previous columnist was traveling, he happened to meet her. Since he wanted to retire and knew that she needed Mora, he decided to give his job to her.

This little detail adds to both Mona’s character and the world of Genshin Impact. Her academic-focused columns help demonstrate how meticulous she is with her work and how important astrology is for her. Also, the mention of these columns makes the world feel more alive since it conveys that the characters have lives outside of the events of the game.

Member Of Hexenzirkel

Mona with one hand on her waist looking haughty in Genshin Impact

Mona is a member of Hexenzirkel, which is a group of witches that players still do not know much about yet. All that is known about this group is that they have tea parties, some witches, like Lisa, are not a part of their group, and that they focus on Irminsul, which are special trees that connect to Ley Lines.

Since so little is known about this group, a lot can be left to interpretation, which intrigues some fans. Also, the lack of information seems to suggest that this group will probably have a bigger narrative role to play in the future. If Hexenzirkel does have a bigger role later, then Mona will likely play a bigger role in the story as well. Because of this, players should keep an eye on Mona in case she eventually becomes one of the keys that will uncover the secrets of this game.

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