Getting Started in Chained Echoes (Tips, Tricks & Strategies)

chain echo is a charming classic style role-playing game that may seem intimidating to beginners. The game uses turn-based mechanics and growing teams. These mechanics may be new to some, but once players get used to it, it’s a smooth and enjoyable experience. Players will need to familiarize themselves with the many systems this title has to offer, including the strategic moves that help win battles.

chain echo It’s about a group of members grouping together for various and somewhat dubious reasons. The band hopes to bring peace to Varandis as new beasts appear and the peace treaty goes awry. Players must make informed choices to make their journey in Varandis as smooth as possible.

Chain Echo beginner tips and tricks

During battle, players should pay attention to the overload bar and health value of each team member. The speedometer will determine the amount of TP consumed per move and how much damage the team can deal and deal with. In addition, if a team member joins chain echo dying, and with a full group of eight, swapping party members can be an effective way to continue without respawning.

Using the Grimoire Shard will allow party members to unlock new skills and increase stats. The good news is chain echo Give each potential member of the team the same number of pieces. Earning a shard will give it to everyone, including future party members. This makes it easier and more logical to bring any character into the party at any time. Players can browse through their characters and choose which skills to add or upgrade for each Grimoire Fragment. You should remember to equip any active skills once the character reaches a point where they may need to replace existing skills.

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Equipment can also be upgraded chain echo. This will unlock after the original team is assembled and there are plans to leave Farnsport, the open area of ​​the game. This can be done at the blacksmith’s anvil, costing money and materials. Make sure to explore and collect any materials you find in the wild, as they can be used to upgrade various equipment. Players can also see what pieces of armor are available for each character, with an icon displayed below the character’s name when armor is highlighted. These stats will show if the new armor is an upgrade, has the same stats or worse. A yellow arrow will indicate if it’s better.

Be aware of weaknesses and potential interactions chain echoFor example, Glenn can learn an oil skill that, if combined with Lane’s fire attack, deals extra damage to enemies and has a chance to set them on fire. Likewise, enemies that emit fire will take more damage from water attacks, etc. Players should keep this in mind and pay attention to the order of turns to form their next moves. .

There is also a loot category in the inventory system that appears whenever the player goes to a merchant to sell an item. Look out for “offers” that sellers offer in exchange for specific items. chain echo Will let players know if they own all of these items. After equipping new armor and weapons, players can sell their old equipment to merchants for more money.

Players don’t need to worry about healing or recovering between battles. Health and TP will be added automatically chain echo after each battle. This will make bags and item supplies a little easier for the player. This also means that players shouldn’t be afraid to use items in combat. Remember that if the player chooses to run away from the battle, they will lose all the items used in the battle.

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This turn-based RPG looks scary but is surprisingly simple. chain echo Will not let the player leave an area without completing the main storyline and give the player enough hints without patronizing the player. However, the amount of information can be overwhelming at first, but the game adds these slowly rather than all at once. However, with these hints, players can expect chain echo.

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