Ghostface Is Even Scarier In Scream 6 Anime-Style Video

shout VIGhostface is reimagined in a brand new animated short. This thrilling sequel follows the survivors of the previous film from the sleepy town of Woodsboro to New York City. In New York, a brand new character wears the mask and cape of Ghostface in an attempt to track down the sisters Sam (Melissa Barrera) and Tara Carpenter (Jenna Ortega) and force them to Collect Old and New Friends. , while also uncovering the killer. real identity. The film also stars franchise celebrities Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox) and scream 4 Survivor Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere).

cooperate shout VIrelease, animation David Liu shared a new short film reimagining Ghostface in classic anime style.

Official repost video scream The story follows a young woman who is home alone when the Ghostface killers come to terrorize her. The video uses some classic anime style to make the killer more agile and capable, while still capturing the essence of a real-life killer.

There’s a reason Ghostface is one of horror’s most iconic villains

Although the short film presents the killer in a completely different light, the faces are still recognizable. This goes beyond the creepy mask the killer wears. Liu captured certain details, such as the killer’s propensity to wipe blood off a hunting knife.

This short film reveals the essence of Ghostface that goes beyond a single film or vehicle. The way the character is both so concrete and malleable is why it has endured so long in the popular culture consciousness. It all comes down to the original truth scream Screenwriter Kevin Williamson decided to cast his killer as a detective.

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Ghostface’s signature MO, which includes the use of a voice modulator and creepy phone wearing a mask and cape, is essentially reproducible. This means that the Killer can keep coming back and maintain a similar, recognizable vibe without breaking cosmic rules or prolonging any particular life lease. Ghostface for a ridiculously long time. shout VI Also uses the familiar character’s presence to emphasize this particular killer’s approach as very distinct and menacing.

source: David Liu/Twitter

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