God Of War Ragnarök: All 10 Berserker Boss Battles, Ranked By Difficulty

Berserker’s battles represent some of the toughest challenges god of war ragnarok A must have, but some Berserker boss battles are harder than others. God of War The series has always provided protagonist Kratos with unique threats to overcome, and the end of Kratos’ Norse Legendary Journey is no exception. While Kratos will no doubt continue to face more gods in the future, the fight with Berserker is currently one of his greatest achievements.

god of war ragnarok The game offers many unique challenges and some tough bosses. Although there are various difficult enemies throughout the Nine Realms, the toughest enemy the player can face is the Berserker. Challenge after challenge, these ghostly warriors put Kratos and Freya to the test. As an optional fight, Berserker’s difficulty passing may not appeal to all players. In-game rewards Ragnarok The fight with the Berserker wasn’t necessarily worth it, but the satisfaction of defeating these enemies was probably worth it.

10 Hardrefill Cruel

Hardrefill is definitely the easiest way in Berserker boss battles. If players haven’t found them themselves, this could be the first Berserker Boss they come across. Hardrefill is unreadable and most of his attacks are easily blocked.

His own attack is when he jumps into the air and tries to punch Kratos. The attack looks intimidating, but a small green puddle will appear at Kratos’ feet, indicating where Hardrefill will land. Players do not need to slow down time Ragnarok Fight to avoid this, and after dodging, they can charge in and deal damage when Hardrefill hits the ground.

9 Bold Hvitserkr

Kratos faces Hvitserkr the Bold in God of War: The Ragnarök Berserker fighting in a grassy environment.

Hvitserkr is a boss that is easy to tame and defeat thanks to its smaller health bar. He doesn’t have any impressive attacks other than occasionally throwing poison at the player, and his most feared technique is summoning several enemies around him.

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These enemies are more of a benefit than a bad omen, as Kratos can destroy them for more health when needed. On the other hand, it is advisable to avoid them as much as possible, as Hvíserkr will summon more minions as soon as they are all killed, making the battle seem endless. But as long as the player is high level and has some of the best armor and equipment Apocalypse RagnarokHvitserkr should only be a minor problem.

Langer 8 Beards

Kratos takes on a bearded Hacklang in a rocky and muddy environment in God of War: Ragnarok.

Haklangr actually only has one attack for the player’s attention. On the other hand, he is a relatively easy boss to overcome, as his moves are easy to spot and Kratos can get the upper hand with relative ease. However, the only attack to worry about is the one that spits out a large green venom cloud that can deal serious damage to the player.

Although capable of dealing damage, this attack can also be used as a player’s greatest asset. Moments before Haklangr summons the poison, he has a blue circle around him, making him vulnerable to stuns. Players should rush in when they’re close enough, stun him quickly with a shield, then deal him tons of damage.

7 Fleckney fanatics

Kratos confronts the fanatical Frachni in God of War: Ragnarok in frenzied combat in the icy environment.

Zealous Fleckney is a fairly straightforward boss, and her moves make her one of the easiest Berserkers to try, but the player must keep attacking to win. Dodging her red circle attacks is crucial, allowing her to get loads of free attacks that will bring Kratos closer to victory.

Her other attacks are relatively easy to block, but being too pushy and trying to end boss fights too quickly can result in brutal punishment. Sometimes, she surprises the player with a brutal red circle attack, knocking the player back and causing them to take more damage.

6 Beigadr of fear

Kratos faces the fearsome Velgard in God of War: Ragnarok in a frenzied battle in a sandy environment.

Beigadr the Feared is one of the most annoying attacks in Berserker, using a constant current to electrify Kratos. Apocalypse Ragnarok Fight, as the player will be forced to grind the letter “O” until he escapes the trap.

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These attacks are difficult to avoid and leave the player vulnerable to Beigadr’s brutal punishment, while avoiding electrocution is essential. However, this is the worst that Beigadr has to offer, and as long as players can avoid these nasty shocks, they won’t find hitting this boss too difficult.

5 Skjothendi is right

Kratos confronts Skjothendi the Unerring in God of War: Ragnarök Berserker fighting in icy conditions.

Skjóthendi is easily many players’ worst nightmare. There are many elemental attacks in the game, but one of the hardest to counter is Rainbow. Unfortunately, Skjóthendi was throwing Bifrost around at insane speed.

These attacks can be difficult to escape and deal with. Players should set up better Apocalypse Ragnarok The defense builds and equips whatever anti-Bifrost items they have before entering combat to avoid the headaches of mass replays. Also, Skjóthendi is an easy boss to deal with. Defeating Skjóthendi will also give players the Berserker Gloves and a set of Berserker armor, one of the best side quest rewards Apocalypse Ragnarok.

4 stubborn Hjalti

In God of War: Ragnarok, Kratos confronts Stolid's Hjalti Berserker in a snowy environment.

Hjalti the Stolid is certainly a threat to deal with. But she can also be one of the more laid-back Berserker leaders if approached wisely. Players should rely on their shields more than others to fight this boss. Her attacks are easier to block than other Berserkers, and she makes herself vulnerable to some stun attacks that Kratos can hit using her shield ability.

Basically, the player must dodge her red circle’s attacks, block the yellow circle’s attacks, and stun Hjalti when the circle is blue. The last one is the most important, as it’s your best chance to unleash a powerful barrage of attacks. However, if Hjalti is quite far away, it is best to step back and save it for the next attack, otherwise her attacks will deal a lot of damage.

3 Troubled Starólfr and Fierce Bödvar

Kratos confronts the troubled Starov and the ferocious Bodvar in the battle of God of War: Ragnarok Berserker.

Starólfr was indeed in trouble, and with Bödvar by his side, it was even worse. The player must always pay attention to which boss is the most aggressive towards the player. They will switch back and forth, but can even work together to take down Kratos, making them a double challenge.

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As long as the player can tolerate at least one of the unpleasant things Apocalypse Ragnarok God, that one shouldn’t be that hard. This is definitely one of the toughest Berserker boss fights, but if players approach it the right way, they can tackle this fight with relative ease.

2 Cold and the sisters of Svipdagr Illska

Kratos confronts the cold Svipdag and the Irska sisters in the battle of God of War: Ragnarok Berserker.

The challenges presented by the sisters Svipdagr and Illska take another level. This boss battle is brutal, so the best strategy is to focus on one boss at a time. Thankfully, the Illska sisters share a health bar; however, they can be more of a challenge than Svipdagr.

Players should focus on Svipdagr first, as they will constantly put pressure on Kratos while the sisters switch between Kratos and Freya. After dealing with the Svipdag, take care of the sisters, switching between them. Players should also remember to switch between some of the best weapons in the game Apocalypse RagnarokChaos Blade and Leviathan Ax, depending on which sister they are fighting.

1 King Hrólf Kraki

Kratos confronts Hrolf Kraki in God of War: Ragnarök Berserker fighting in a snowy environment.

King Hrólf is one of the toughest bosses players can encounter. Whether he or Gná will become the hardest boss in the game is still unclear. Hrólf combines attacks used by other Berserkers, so players should try to remember the strategies they used in all other boss battles and combine them into one strategy.

The hardest part of this boss fight is Hrólf’s high defense. It’s hard to reduce his health quickly and deal a lot of damage. If players struggle too much, they should return to the fight after upgrading their weapons and armor. Hrólf could be GoW: RagnarokEnemies are the biggest option, so players should be prepared.

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