The Ark Episode 6 Clip Sees Lane And Garnet Make Amends [EXCLUSIVE]

SYFY’s latest series box is back tonight with a new episode, and rant screen Happy to present an exclusive clip highlighting the dynamic between Sharon Garnet and Spencer Lane. The series includes Star Gate SG-1Jonathan Glassner and Dean Devlin, who may be best known for Independence Day, but have also produced recent classics like librarian And Leverage: Convert.

100 years after setting up, box Follow a crew on a deep space mission to invade another planet. But when the aforementioned crew woke up early from their frozen sleep, they realized their ship was breaking at the seams and it was up to them to fix the problem. Sci-fi movie star Christie Burkedomestic worker), Richard Fleeshman, Reece Ritchie (on Devlin’s previous show outpost), Stacey Read and Ryan Adams — plus a great cast.

More about SYFY’s Ark

exist rant screenExclusive clip from episode 6 box, Sharon and Spencer are tasting drinks in her room. While he wonders aloud why she wants to be with him after he reveals her secret and calls for a vote to get rid of her, she assures him those are exactly the same things. what she needs. Sharon is glad there are no more secrets between them so he can add her as her number two, but Spencer’s lingering silence suggests he may have more to offer than to come across.

box Episode 6 of season 1 is called “Hai Hai”, a very fitting title. The episode’s official synopsis explains, “After identifying a planet rich in the necessary fuel, the crew hatched a plan to circumnavigate a nearby star to reach it, but things didn’t go as planned.“No matter what may happen in their attempt to get fuel, a strong sense of trust between the acting captain and her aides will be paramount.

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in spite of box currently the only show to air on SYFY, where there are several other great series that have attracted loyal fans, including the supernatural series led by Tim Rozon surreal manor. chachias a sequel of 2017 worship chuckywill return for a third season in the fall. Vampire Kingmain character Spider-Man: Nowhere BackJacob Batalon, also just renewed for season 2.

new episode box It airs on SYFY every Wednesday at 10:09.

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