God of War: Ragnarök – All Svartalfheim Nornir Treasure Chest Locations (& Solutions)

Apple of Iduon and Horn of Bloodwine are powerful items God of War: Ragnarok, Kratos’ abilities increase when the player discovers these items are hidden in Nonier’s chest, which are locked behind a rune puzzle revealed in the location of the vessel. The Dwarf Kingdom of Svartafheim is one of the first lands players visit, introduce them to the concept of these treasures early and encourage them to explore. To explore the contents of each chest, the player must come into contact with interactive objects in the area, most of which require abilities related to the weapon Kratos wields.

Among the five unique types of Nonier Chests God of War: Ragnarok, has Totem Puzzles, Bell Chains, Braziers, Switches, and Regenerating Totems, which are essentially related to the rewards of dug discoveries. In Svartarfheim, the player can find their first Nonier Chest near Owanga Swamp, another in a cave just outside Nidavellir, a third on Dragon Beach, and then One can be found at Razvin’s Gear inside Bounty Cove and on Alberidge Island to the north. and the last one is near the Jarnsmida Mine. The last Nonier Chest found in the Svartarfheim area won’t be accessible until later in the game with specific gear, but players with these tools can find two of them in the Applecore and another in the Myrkr Tunnel, and the last treasure chest around the smithy.

Interacting with the environment at Owanga Wetland

The first Nonier chest in Svartafheim is located directly behind the Mysterious Gate, near the water wheel that leads to the dwarven city of Nidavellir. God of War: Ragnarok. Using the Leviathan Ax to freeze the geysers’ water will allow the player to travel to the other side of the island they landed on. The Nonier treasure chest is located on the platform that passes through this intersection. Two fragile totems can be seen on the water. Players can unlock some locks on treasure chests just by throwing axes. The final totem is placed away from the treasure chest, next to the geyser that the player jumped over earlier and is hidden behind its own geyser, which the player can freeze to locate it first. when breaking it.

Continuing along the river, the second treasure chest is still under the rock, the player can find this treasure chest by sailing under the rock. Yellow switches are marked nearby, one of which is located to the right behind the geyser can freeze, and the player must tap it enough times to find the right symbol that matches the treasure chest. After the battle God of War: RagnarokEnemies in nearby pits can find another switch and apply it to knock out another rune. The final switch, located above the path to the left of the chest, atop the volcanic rock, has its own icon that must be adjusted to unlock the treasure.

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Discover the hidden totem in Long Beach

God of War Ragnarok Kratos in Svartavheim

Outside and to the right of Nidavellir, there is a Nonier Chest under the bridge at Dragon Beach, which can be seen after clearing the enemy area. One of the three destructible totems is located behind another geyser, near the crane on the river side. There is another similar obstacle slightly to the left above the treasure chest and another geyser blocking the player’s second totem. Finally, when the player freezes the geyser next to the island’s mythical dragon statue, the player sees a third totem in which a metal door blocks the ax, forcing the player to move. Move around the statue until visibility can be achieved. tail. Build to throw axes and break totems to unlock treasure chests.

The brazier and rattles at Bounty Bay

Kratos and Atreus sail through a God of War location

An area known as the “Watchtower” divides into a mountainous area called “Radsvinn’s Rig”, the opposite direction of the usual path leading from Sindri’s Store to the former area. The Nonier Chest overlooks the vast water, and the player can use the Chaos Blade to light up a nearby brazier to unlock the items inside. One of these machines is on the left side of the chest, while another is behind some debris marked with red pots. The higher vantage point allows the player to throw an ax and blow up the pot, igniting the brazier in that space. Atreus supports players God of War: Ragnarok Fire the third brazier with his sonic arrows, removing the crate blocking the hole in the wall, leading to where the object passes through the lower level of the larger mining rig in the area.

Heading north across the water, Alberridge Island has a Nonier Chest that is almost immediately visible when the player disembarks. To unlock the chest, the player must ring three bells for a certain period of time, one of which is only visible after the player uses the ax to destroy part of the crane directly behind the crate. The other bell can only ring for a short time, as the object is only within reach by briefly touching the paddle switch to reveal it. Players who have access to each bell must quickly tap them to be able to unlock this chest and get the desired device God of War: Ragnarok.

Keep the fire of Jansmida Pit burning

God of War Ragnarok - Jain Smida's Renoir Chest Solve puzzles using Blade of Chaos to ignite braziers in the player's view of the area

The last Nonier chest the player can access before returning to Svartarfheim at the end of the game is located on the main story path of the Jarnsmeda Mine. The chests here are very clear, and the player can be guided through the mechanics of the brazier if they ignore a previously available chest. Two of the braziers are fairly easy to find, one to the left of the chest and the other on a traversable bridge over the cliff below the structure that houses the chest. However, the last brazier is being soaked by the wheel and the wheel must be frozen with an ax so the player can switch to the blade and drop the final piece.

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Use the third weapon on the remaining Nonier chests

Ragnarok Drapunir Spear Kratos' third secret weapon that unlocks previously unexplored parts of the map in multiple kingdoms

exist God of War: RagnarokKratos’ skills have been expanded upon acquiring his third weapon, “Draupnir Spear”, which harnesses the power of the wind to allow the player to access new parts of previously explored areas. Its power and functionality help solve the puzzles surrounding the Nonier Chest below, but players who don’t want to be spoiled by these features should read on.

After the player has the Draupnir Spear, they can now return to Svartalfheim to unlock the remaining Nornir Chests. There are two such chests in Applecore, with a wall indicating that a spear can be used to start the player’s journey deeper into the area. God of War: Ragnarok. A short climb leads to the first chest, where two regeneration totems are placed on a nearby raised platform, and the third totem is located a few feet away from the chest. Infused with spears thrown at each totem, the player can detonate them simultaneously from a distance, unlocking the first chest.

After going through the area where the player rescued Tyr in this part, a small space will appear, then a door leading to a new area in the Applecore. The second Nonier chest here requires a number of moves, going through the original puzzle on the right, eventually leading to a destructible piece behind the bridge across the ledge of the waterfall. Defeating enemies here will open another door to reveal the scaffolding facing up where this new weapon can be used. God of War: Ragnarok Provide access. The top chest can be unlocked again with the spear, hitting the totem behind the exploding vase, behind the crack overlooking the chest, and behind the first totem, then simultaneously detonating the ranged spear.

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A hatch near the mine pit leads to the Milk Tunnel, which leads to another small space after the player returns to the story that was part of the story when the original spear was obtained. The treasure chest is at the end of the next hallway and contains two easy-to-find braziers, one behind the destructible object. The third chest needs the Signal Arrow because it’s to the left of the chest and a bit too far from the blade God of War: Ragnarok achieve.

The last Nonier chest in Svartafheim is located near the entrance to the tunnel, in a part of the map called the Forge, on top of some cliffs along the way. On the bridge leading to the tunnel, the player can determine the required totem for the spear before discovering the treasure chest. The last two totems are behind the chest, slightly to the left on the ledge of the container, and another remote blast unlocks the final Nonier chest puzzle God of War: RagnarokKingdom of Svartarfheim.

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