God of War Ragnarök: Thor’s Complete Story Explained

Thor’s story is god of war ragnarok This is quite a sad story. The game depicts a version of Thor that contrasts with the more optimistic character in the Marvel series. In this story, Thor deals with the almost unbearable burden of living in his father’s shadow, which leads him to dark places. Despite his divine power, god of war ragnarokThor is very human, and his sad character arc makes it easier to relate to the god.

[Warning: This article contains story spoilers for God of War Ragnarok.]

god of war ragnarok Finally, players are given a glimpse of Thor. He has lived his whole life in the shadow of his father Odin, the most scheming villain in video games. In stark contrast to Kratos and Atreus’ caring relationship, Thor is simply a tool used by Odin to carry out his evil plans.One of the worst atrocities Thor committed on behalf of Odin was the massacre of all the giants in Midgard, which occurred previously god of war. exist. . .the beginning god of war ragnarok, Thor appears at the home of Kratos and Atreus, who believe he is there to avenge the deaths of his two sons, Magni and Mordy, and his brother Balder. This is where his role as Odin’s servant is exposed, as he will only attack Kratos if Odin allows him to.

GoW Ragnarök: Thor’s uneasy relationship with Thrúd and Sif

Later, when Atreus visits Asgard, he learns more about Thor’s personal struggles as the son of Odin and how this affects his family life.In the playable section of Atreus Heaven’s myth, Thor accepts a mission from Odin to find the other fragments of his mysterious mask. Atreus attempted to contact Thor during the brief time they were together, and learned that Thor had become accustomed to carrying out Odin’s orders without thinking, no matter the personal cost.

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So far, Odin’s plans have resulted in the deaths of Thor’s sons and put a huge strain on Thor’s relationship with his wife Sif. Sif knew that Odin didn’t really care about Thor and his family and tried to get Thor to do something about it. She suggested they leave and find a way to live independently.

He felt he couldn’t escape Odin’s clutches, so he turned to alcohol to cope, unlike his counterpart in the Marvel Universe. Thor’s bad habits eventually wreak more havoc on his family. Therud, the daughter of Atreus and Thor, discovered that Thor was drinking again after a period of sobriety, and after a tense bar fight scene, Therud scolded her father for not staying away from the mead, assuring him She and Sif were waiting for him there. However, Thor doesn’t believe he can change, so he falls into the same destructive cycle over and over again.

Thor even told Kratos that he believed it was impossible for them to change because the crimes they committed were so heinous that there was no reward for them.Shockingly Kratos is not dead Heaven’s myth, were able to change their minds and refuse to kill him, saying that they had to be better people for the sake of their children. Thor loved his daughter Thrud, and it pained him and Sif to block her dream of becoming a Valkyrie. However, they really just wanted to prevent her from becoming a Valkyrie serving Odin. Kratos’ words gave Thor the courage to confront Odin, but the attempt was thwarted. Odin, angered by Thor’s defiance, killed the god of thunder, while Thrud watched as her father disappeared into dust.

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Thor’s conclusion god of war ragnarokThe ending is heartbreaking. He is a cautionary tale to Atreus, the son of a famous god who cracked under the pressure of living up to his father. Thor also serves as a dark mirror to Kratos, as a father who waited too long to change for his children. The happy outcome of Thor’s story is that Sif and Thrud are able to survive the destruction of Asgard and build a new legacy for their family. After the game ends, Thrud is seen wielding Mjolnir and training to become a Valkyrie, suggesting Thor had a change of heart during the game. god of war ragnarokThe ending was not in vain.

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