Goku’s Other Dragon Ball Brother Is Way Stronger than Raditz

All Dragon ball Fans know that Goku’s brother, Raditz, was eliminated almost immediately after being eliminated Dragon ballGoku’s first major threat, but despite its lack of lasting legacy in the franchise, the evil Saiyan warrior is at least more memorable than Goku’s other bro – albeit a younger brother. have this problem more memorable than Raditz. Much stronger.

Raditz’s debut coincides with seven dragon pearls classic word Dragon ball— though single-handedly setting the tone for the entire franchise era isn’t the only reason Raditz matters. Raditz has officially introduced the Saiyan race to fans. Of course, Goku was present in the first place, but there’s no definitive answer as to who he is or why he’s on Earth. Raditz is able to answer all of these questions while also having a lively plot. The fact that Goku has an older brother is shocking news to the fan community, who think they know almost everything about him. Raditz is basically the strongest character no one cares about, and his underappreciated legacy is now even more bleak as he’s been overshadowed by his other, more powerful brother. Goku.

Goku’s other brother of the seven dragon balls comes to Kakarot’s first resurrection

exist Dragon Ball GT Episode 50 (written by Atsushi Maekawa, directed by Osamu Kasai, produced by Toei Animation), Pan and Goku travel the world in search of the mysterious cracked Dragon Balls, which release enormous dark energy. . For each Dragon Ball, their dark energy (or negative energy) manifests as the unique Dark Dragon of the Dragon Ball holding them. At this point, Pan and Wukong defeated a shadow dragon and took their respective dragon balls – now, they face another shadow dragon, and this shadow dragon has a secret. amazing secret: he’s Wukong’s brother (ah, something like that).

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The negative energy released after separating the dragon balls was not the only thing that gave life to these dark dragons, but the specific desire that created the explosion of negative energy right away. from the beginning. Every wish the Z-Fighters had granted over the years resulted in the creation of the Dark Dragon, and now the negative energy had accumulated enough that each of them could freely wreak havoc on the Earth. This shadow dragon – the five-star shadow dragon – was born when Dragon Ball granted his wish to revive Goku. When the dragon told Goku about this, the Saiyans replied that they were basically brothers since they were both brought to life by Dragon Ball with the same wish – which is ironic since Raditz is the reason. get Goku killed in the first place.

Goku sacrificed himself to stop Raditz, and because of this, Raditz essentially helped create the Dark Dragon, making him Goku’s strongest brother. As for how much better than the Raditz five-star Shadow Dragon, there is no way to compare. Goku had to fight Shadow Dragon in Super Saiyan 4 and was barely eliminated, while Raditz was defeated by Goku and Piccolo before even the idea of ​​SSJ1 was even born let alone SSJ4. with the five-star shadow dragon as his brother – while the other Dragon ball Goku’s brother makes Raditz look pathetic (though somehow even less memorable than Raditz himself).

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