WWE Mayhem MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/Damage, Defense multiplier) 1.64.137

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1. Freeze currency – this means your currency won’t drop just because you buy something. Bonus multiplier 3. Damage multiplier 4. Defense multiplier 5. Counterattack change

Wrestling is a sport loved and witnessed by many people around the world. Coming to WWE Mayhem, you can not only watch but also participate in live matches. Enter the frenetic arena with mighty and famous gladiators. You stand in front of a heat wave of thousands of spectators from all over. Beat the opponents in front of you with nifty tricks. You are at the center of a unique confrontation.

From the very beginning of the WWE series, WWE Mayhem was created with great passion. This is a competitive action fighting game. Bringing you many exciting features and actions. 3D graphics combined with the ability to rotate freely give you a panoramic view. Train your control skills and reflexes to improve your reaction ability. Thrilling wrestling moments that will make you sweat.

Download WWE Mayhem mod – become a famous and influential wrestler

Wrestling ring is a place of survival and competition between brutality and great fighting power. The games here are all trade-offs, quite expensive, even bloody and tearful. All will create legend and meet the needs of the audience. Lead your fighters to success as a wrestling expert. The controls will be simple and won’t require much learning. Tap once for a basic attack on an enemy. Swipe towards your opponent to get closer and use special attack. Hold to defend against powerful counterattacks from your opponents.

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many familiar wrestlers

Come to this arena featuring famous professional wrestlers you already know. There is no shortage of people, even the faintest. These include John Cena, Dwayne Johnson, Andre the Giant, Roman Reigns, Sting, Bailey and countless other crazy people. They are always ready to step into the ring and crush the opponent with their hand-to-hand ability. Moreover, each has their own beautiful finishing moves. There are also hot female warriors for those who like what they show off. Pick any and give them a name.

WWE Mayhem Mod Free

prosperous profit

After each win, you will receive something valuable from the sponsor. The first is to get a lot of money when you beat your opponent. You also have a chance to win precious gold bars in important matches. Not only that, when completing the requirements set out, you will receive a lucky box. These random chests contain the strongest wrestlers you know. Depending on your luck, you can own one and add to the collection. The more major events you participate in, the more chances you have to get great rewards. Get rich quick with this sport.

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skill challenge

As for the standard competition, it will be divided into three main levels. Novices, ordinary people, superstars, you can choose according to your ability. At the beginner level, you don’t have to be great to win. They can be easily defeated in a short period of time and they are very adaptable to the action. Regular levels require players to master basic skills. Be able to master it and make big changes. Finally the superstar mode, the most cruel will be your opponent. I need to play proficiently and have a lot of experience to survive in it.

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WWE Mayhem mod android

Play with other players

Your skills have improved dramatically, do you want to become methodical and put to the test? Compete against other players in exciting PvP mode. In it, many different players compete in each match. When facing them, you will never know how strong they are. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful and fight in the safest way possible. Unleash every skill you have and see how your opponent attacks. You can learn a lot of interesting things from tough battles. Look for victories to score points and put your name on the prestigious leaderboard. Anything is possible if you put in the effort.

If you haven’t started fighting in WWE Mayhem mod today, what are you waiting for? Test yourself in matches and take your anger out on your opponents. Drive the audience crazy with your amazing performance.

Download WWE Mayhem MOD APK for Android (Menu, Unlimited Money/Damage, Defense Multiplier)

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