Golf Battle MOD APK (Customize the amount shot) 2.4.0

Golf tournaments are always held for upper grades. They love the feeling of putting the ball in the hole and earning a point. Feeling calm and focused makes them feel good. Professional golfers are always very skilled. Precise serves from all angles have won them numerous victories. Are you a sports lover but can’t afford to play? Download Golf Battle and instantly bring the entire golf course to your phone.

To meet the needs of players on mobile phones. Golf Battle game comes from the developer Now you can play golf directly on your beloved smartphone. Bring your golf course to play and entertain with friends wherever you go. Forget the worries and fatigue of the whole day in a fiery golf game. You will understand how great it feels to put a pretty little ball in the hole. The ball lines are beautifully reproduced in each frame to help you feel the rhythm of the game. Use all your skills and judgment and show every path of the ball.

Golf Battle Mod version

  • Custom slider to hole, should be set to 2-10, so as not to be banned.

Download Golf Battle mod – play a classic miniature golf game

Become a true golfer and stay ahead of the ball on challenging courses. You already know what you have to do to win, right? Drag and drop to hit the ball to determine the force and direction of the ball. Take the shot and let the ball go over the terrain and eventually into the hole. It’s simple, but becomes more difficult with new challenges. You have to practice this sport every day to become better. As you progress you will start to see where the ball goes more precisely and will make decisions faster. You will beat the skilled and fearless opponents in the batting village and become a great golfer.

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Golf battle mod download

strong stick

Getting better clubs will also help you hit better shots. There will be countless different types of clubs, with different playing styles. Each rod has an attractive shape and has different parameters. They have 3 potential points of power, accuracy and dribbling. Some clubs are more about power, but not so much accuracy and dribbling. Many clubs possess amazing uniformity and balance. Depending on your preferences and playing style, you can choose your favorite club. You can try playing each genre to see what style these clubs belong to and gain a lot of experience.

Golf Battle Mod Android

unique place

The golf course will constantly change through each game screen when you win. You’ll be playing on some quirky miniature golf courses. The rink can be an ice skating rink, a desert field, a deep forest field… these playgrounds are created to have fun and relieve boredom. Now you can play on multiple courts without paying a dime. Each game location has its own unique terrain that must be adapted. Find out the direction of this terrain and be able to put the ball into the hole with the fewest hits. You can even hit the ball once without needing the next club.

Golf Battle mod apk free

Invite your friends to play together

It’s great to have close friends to share the excitement with. You can invite them to Golf Battle to start a fierce battle to win. Compare your skills with your friends and see if they can beat your opponents. Learn from each other’s playing experience and guide each other. Through a round of golf, you feel more connected and respected than your friends. Find out how far your golfing talent has progressed and try harder. Together improve your skills to be able to create the most beautiful ball lines. Let those around you admire your talent and art.

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Free Golf Battle Mod

difficult obstacle

Golf is most afraid of challenging obstacles that can ruin an important ball. So the more we fear, the more we have to avoid. Practice hitting the ball through these obstacles and don’t let them stop you from winning. Overcome difficult challenges at high levels and become a pro gamer. Take home the big tournament in Golf Fight. It will definitely make you satisfied, even addictive to play. Download the Golf Battle mod and play the most exciting golf game on the planet. Hit the ball exactly into the hole to win the game.

Download Golf Battle MOD APK (Customize the amount of fire) for Android

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