The Only Way Alex Karev Could Come Back To Grey’s Anatomy

Quote from Justin Chambers’ cryptic Instagram post gray anatomy Hints could return, however, there’s only one way his character, Alex Karev, can return to the show without taking too long. gray anatomy Season 16 episode 16 was controversial not only because of how it explained Alex’s actions through letters to Meredith and Joe, but also because of how it ended up abusing the character of Joe. In fact, having Alex and Izzy (Katherine Heigl) reunite off-screen might make viewers feel his exit was a bit rushed, especially since Chambers actually appeared on the show in the finale. gray anatomy Season 16, Episode 8.

Regardless of Alex’s exit to the audience and gray anatomy Like this character, his willingness to move across the country, at least not letting his children grow up without a father, makes Alex’s actions meaningful. still, gray anatomy However, fans wanted Alex to be killed instead of giving up like he did, which shows that many feel that the plot has sabotaged Alex’s progress, especially his betrayal of the character. with Joe. Chambers posted an Instagram photo of the coffee mug and sleeve featuring Chandra Wilson, Ellen Pompeo and James Pickens Jr., each with the caption “”A glass of fresh Grace.Subtle hints of a possible return have been debunked, but that would risk further ruining his character.

Izzy Stevens has to come back too

Alex suddenly left Seattle gray anatomy It is explained that he is doing what is best for his children and realizes that he has never stopped loving Izzie. So if Chambers comes back gray anatomy As Alex, Izzie has to come along, because Alex coming back alone will defeat any reason he gave Jo and Meredith away. Heigl’s gray anatomy A tough exit makes Izzie’s return unlikely, however, recent statements from Heigl and creator Shonda Rhimes suggest that Heigl and gray anatomy, bringing Izzie back is also not unexpected. If that’s the case, the return of Alex and Izzie would make a lot of sense to avoid spoiling Alex.

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Alex Karev coming back alone would ruin his character

Justin Chambers as Alex Karev in Grey's Anatomy S16E02

When Izzie Returns gray anatomy Unlike the improbable past, it would be more believable if Alex returned alone, especially without any indication that Izzy would return. However, Alex’s return to Seattle alone also risks further ruining the character. In fact, Alex was gray anatomy Season 16, episode 16 canceled Alex’s process of becoming a character by making Alex disappear and then only explaining his reasons through letters. Although Alex’s reasons can be considered reasonable and somewhat noble, the fact that he doesn’t even show kindness to Joy when he tells her everything makes his actions even more frustrating for her. more damage.

And gray anatomyIzzie and Alex’s betrayal ending undoes the changes Alex went through to be better than the self-centered bully he played gray anatomy In the first season, leaving him back alone definitely damaged his character. gray anatomy There’s no way to undo how badly Joe was hurt when Alex left, but his return without Izzy after he made a drastic choice would make him look like as he is. gray anatomyThe first few seasons, both Jo and Izzie were pretty bad. If the room turns back gray anatomyAlex will have to go back to Izzy, or become a worse character on his own.

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