Gundam Evolution: How to Get More Capital Points (& Unlock Units)

gundam evolution Launching with 12 playable mobile suit units, 5 unlockable units and hundreds of cosmetics available using Capital Points. The key to getting these things, from units to weapon skins and accessories, is through the game’s free currency, Capital Points, and its premium currency, EVO Coins.There is a third currency, material points, which is obtained indirectly and is related to Gundam Evolution Loot box system.

Like many live streaming service games, such as team fortress 2, gundam evolution Featuring a Season Pass and Loot Box system, both of which can be purchased with real-world money via EVO Coins. The Season Pass provides players with incremental rewards for playing the game and completing challenges, while loot boxes called supply pods reward random cosmetics. Duplicate items in supply bays are converted into material points and can be used to purchase specific cosmetics.

Unlike some other live streaming service games, Gundam Evolutionof Five locking units, Marasai [UC]Gundam Exia, Shiniro, Zaku II [Melee], and Unicorn Gundam are not tied to the supply bay or material point system and can only be purchased directly with 990 EVO gold coins or 1,980 capital points.So for those who don’t want to spend real money Gundam Evolutionthe only real option is to earn enough capital points.

How to Earn Capital Points in Gundam Evolution

First, in order to gain capital, players should focus on the newbie challenges available to players Gundam Evolution new player. These are small, specific things to do in the game and can be viewed via the challenge banner. A small amount of capital points are awarded upon completion of each mission. Then there’s the free version of the Season Pass, which pays for 1,000 capital points at levels 18 and 58. But beginner challenges and season pass progress are locked behind daily and weekly progress, limiting how much players can hone in on. Any time.

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How to use EVO coins to unlock units in Gundam Evolution

Alternatively, players can choose to use EVO gold coins to purchase units if they wish. Gundam Evolution The in-game exchange rate for EVO coins ranges from $9.99 for 1,000 EVO to $99.99 for 12,000 EVO. As mentioned above, each unit can be purchased individually for 990 EVO coins. Alternatively, the item pack “DX Edition” can be purchased for 4,180 EVO coins. The pack grants access to locked units as well as legendary skins and weapon skins for each of those five units, which ends up being 800 cheaper than buying each unit individually.

Gundam Evolution There are tons of units and customization options for players to purchase. However, it has become stingy over time by issuing only small amounts of non-prime currency. Of course, there are those who argue that, as a free-to-play game, it needs to make money somewhere. But the journey to unlocking all the units is still a long and tiring ordeal for players.

  • Gundam Evolution

    Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, PC

    Release time: December 31, 2022

    Developer: Bandai Namco Studios

    Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment

    Genre: Free to Play, Multiplayer, First-Person Shooter

    ESRB: Not yet rated

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