Halo’s Article 72 Is A Dark Video Game Change

warning! spoilers ahead Halo episode 1.

new ultimate Halo The series has put The Master Chief and UNSC in a complicated position from the start, with Article 72, a new deal that serves as a dark twist to video game source material. While John-117 and UNSC may be humanity’s best chance against the Covenant’s alien forces, that doesn’t mean they’re invulnerable heroes. Humanity’s expansion into the stars seems to require dark measures. The new Section 72 appears to be a key part of that, resulting in the colony’s lone survivor’s execution order being handed over to the Master Chief himself.

The first episode on paramount Halo Played by Pablo Schreiber as John-117, aka The Master Chief, he and a Spartan force known as the Silver Team intercepted a Treaty attack on the planet Madrigal. HaloThe elite Allied Forces are wiped out, leaving only one survivor: Kwan Ha, the daughter of a rebel leader. After they investigate a nearby Covenant dig site and find a mysterious artifact, Master Chief is ordered to bring Kwan back to the United Nations Space Command on the Reach. Along the way, Miranda Keyes of the UNSC spoke to Kwan to see if she would open up to the other colonies about the Covenant that the UNSC was trying to help humanity and protect them from a real threat. Are not. However, to fulfill her father’s mission, Kwan threatened that if they didn’t make her world independent from the UNSC, she would lie and blame the UNSC for the deaths of the colonists.

As Miranda soon learns from her father, Captain Jacob Keyes, his superior is unwilling to accommodate Guan’s request, instead choosing to issue a new Section 72, a new dark concept. Halo Displays an existing canon that has not yet appeared in the game, novel, or other related material. While no specifics were revealed in the first episode, Section 72 clearly authorized the UNSC to take drastic measures in the name of protecting humanity, in this case ordering the John-117 kills Kwan while claiming that she died of her wounds in Madrigal (also protecting the interests of the UNSC). Because of this, new Halo The series wastes no time pointing out the flaws of the UNSC and its immense power over the rest of the galaxy, existing as an overbearing military junta exercising power unilaterally.

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Miranda Keyes spoke out against the Section 72 decision with her father, while John-117 took further action after receiving a firing order. Although under normal circumstances he would probably carry out the execution since he is a super soldier who can obey orders without question, his exposure to the artifact has led to to the recovery of memory fragments deleted by the UNSC. Therefore, Master Chief decides to let Kwan Ha go before he turns rogue, much to the amazement of UNSC High Command. With that said, this may not be the first time Spartan soldiers have received orders under Section 72.

although it could be Halo The continuity of the “Silver Timeline” of the series, Article 72 is consistent with what is known about the UNSC in the previous regulation. Despite the rebellions and protest movements, the UNSC became the dominant force as humanity expanded across the stars. Although this military organization was supposed to work for the United Earth Government, they soon gained greater power as an interstellar armed government in its own right. The UNSC may be the best defender against the Covenant, but they still have many dark secrets. Although Master Chief doesn’t surpass it, the new Item 72 is a perfect example in the dark Halobelong to Episode one.

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