Harrison Ford’s Thunderbolt Ross Transforms Into Red Hulk In MCU Fan Art

a new piece Captain America: New World Order Fan art imagines General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross by Harrison Ford as the Red Hulk of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Originally played by William Hurt, General Ross made his MCU debut in 2008 amazing hulk. Although the character is still 8 years away from returning to the MCU Captain America: Civil WarHurt’s General Ross quickly became an integral part of the franchise’s story after the Sokovia Accords were introduced and subsequently abolished. Sadly, Hurt passed away last March, although it was later announced that the veteran Ford would take over the role for Phase 5. Captain America: New World Order.

With Marvel deciding to reprise his role as General Ross, Kevin Feige seems to be working hard to bring his Red Hulk form from the comics. Now, the 21xfour artist has created a new piece of fan art that imagines what Ford’s version of Red Hulk would look like if all of this were to happen.

This latest artwork follows fan theory that Red Hulk will debut in the MCU last year She-Hulk: Lawyer Disney+ series. While such an appearance would never actually happen, in episode 8, Jennifer Walters directly addressed fans’ pleas for the character to join the franchise.

When will the MCU introduce General Ross to Red Hulk?

Marvel’s decision to replace Hurt with Ford is a clear sign that they have big plans for the character’s future. Rather than knock General Ross out of the series, Feige and his team opted to replace the original cast with one of the greatest Hollywood stars of our time. Such a move makes one think that General Ross’ much-anticipated Red Hulk transformation is imminent and likely to happen sometime during Phase 5 of the franchise.

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Ford’s first appearance in the MCU as Ross is currently scheduled for next year Captain America: New World Order, it’s reasonable to expect his original transformation to happen at some point during the events of that movie. However, with the lead role of Tim Blake Nelson confirmed as the main antagonist of the film, Captain America: New World Order It might have been too busy to launch a movie with such a game-changing character. Of course, it wouldn’t be a stretch to reveal such a pivotal moment in the ending credits sequence, given how other major MCU revelations have typically been made in the past.

The next most logical place for Red Hulk to appear in Ford’s Ross is boltis also slated for a 2024 release. Since General Ross is often associated with iterations of the anti-hero team, like the Red Hulk in the comics, it makes sense that his transformation will happen in the future. this particular franchise case. Captain America: New World Order It’s even possible that it led directly to his intro as the Red Hulk, with the first leader being ultimately responsible for his transformation. Regardless of the timing, though, audiences will be eager to see if Ford really gets rid of the Hulk in the MCU’s next exciting phase.

Source: 21xfour/Instagram

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