The Raid’s 2 Punching Scenes Have A Deeper Meaning Than You Think

two boxing scenes inside assault Each film has a deeper meaning to the story of both films, something many viewers miss the first time they see it. Writer and director Gareth Evans and lead actor Iko Uwais broke into action in 2012. Redemption, after a deadly raid by the Jakarta police force on an apartment complex housing some of the city’s worst criminals. 2014 raid 2 Following on from his predecessor, Uwais’ protagonist Rama secretly infiltrates a crime family in Jakarta.

assault The film became an overnight action classic, and its breathtaking fights turned Iko Uwais, along with co-stars Joe Taslim and Yayan Ruhian, into martial arts stars. two assault The film also includes a scene where Rama is alone during a boxing practice. In both cases, each fight scene assault And raid 2 Significant to Rama’s emotional state in both films.

Strike scene of the prepared raid

assault Rama began preparing his troops for the day’s duties by exercising early in the morning and performing traditional Islamic prayers before getting dressed. Rama’s practice included hitting sandbags, as Gareth Evans did in assaultBlu-ray review of “It’s All About Rama”Prepare yourself mentally, mentally and physically before he goes out on this mission.

what makes assaultThe larger training scene features Rama with a personal interest in the mission, and his estranged brother Andy (Donnie Alamcia) as part of the gang that commands the apartment complex. In a structure resembling a video game movie, assaultRama must carry out his calling from the inside out. Rama is also determined to bring his brother back to his family, and his preparation has even deeper implications for the bloody battle he is about to face.

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The hit scene of Raid 2 is about repressed emotions

Image of Iko Uwais in The Raid 2

exist raid 2After that, Rama was forced into a Jakarta prison to befriend Uko (Arifin Putra), the son of crime boss Bangan (Theo Pakusadewo), in order to fall under his siege. raid 2The punching scene is the scene where Rama is alone in the cell with the boxing walls painted with human figures, the scene where Rama completely vents his repressed emotions.exist raid 2Reviewing Blu-ray, Evans said Lamarr punching the wall was “It’s all regrets, it’s all grief, it’s all just him realizing how much he has to give up now. “

raid 2The film’s scope is also larger than its predecessor, and with it the emotional impact on Rama, who is not only forced to go to prison for the safety of his family, but also has to deal with the case. kill Andy in the opening scene of the film. Also, in the previous scene, after Rama was overwhelmed by the attacker in the bathroom, he also started punching the wall. two fighting scenes assault The movie is a great display of Iko Uwais’ speed and skill as the exponent of Silat. However, each person is also a vehicle to tell the story of Rama assault Movies, each of which excels at its mission on a different level.

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