Harry Potter: 10 Facts About The Knight Bus Only Die-Hard Fans Know

bus knight in Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban Bring a breath of fresh air to great characters like Stan, Ernie and Shrunken Head. Although it plays a rather minor role in the film, the bright purple color of the triple-decker bus and the strange special effects make the scene on the Knight Bus one of the most memorable in the entire film. .

anything Harry Potter Fans, these Knight Bus facts are a must-know, and they reveal all the behind-the-scenes secrets that fascinate every Potterhead.

night bus

Knight Bus is actually inspired by London’s real-life night bus service, which continued to run after the underground network was shut down at night. People don’t have to worry about getting stuck and it’s a very convenient service for UK residents.

JK Rowling must have realized his creative opportunity in the wizarding world, and so the “Knight” bus was born from the Muggle bus.

difference between book and movie

Cover of Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter fans watched Prisoner of Azkaban Before watching the movie adaptation, I quickly realized that there are some major differences between the Knight Bus in the books and the Knight Bus on the screen. In the book, Harry observes how objects will jump out of the way (trash cans, trees, etc.), but in the movie, the driver Ernie simply avoids all obstacles.

Ernie magically transforms the bus using different knobs and levers, a more physical process than described in the books. The filmmakers must have wanted a more specific form of magic, and while it’s a shame to change the original written material, the strange machine of the Knight Bus film version is a fantastic visual. .

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Shun Parker Stein

In addition to the actual triple-decker vehicle, the filmmakers had to set up a separate studio to film all of the inside scenes of the Knight Bus. Considering the actual bus’s internal volume should be small, it made sense to have two separate filming locations.

The studio was built on a mobile gimbal, which meant the ground and walls could move erratically just like the Knight Buses in the books. Sliding beds and swinging chandeliers were also incorporated into the set, and the authenticity of these real props contributed to the cinematic magic that brought the scene to life.

passenger capacity limit

Knight bus scene with passenger limit

The seat of the Knight Bus was quickly displayed on Harry’s shoulder as Stan led him to his seat. Although the time is short, it clearly shows that the total capacity of the bus is nine people, three passengers on each floor. Considering how large the bus is to the naked eye, this limit is actually quite small.

However, the small seat adds to the eccentricity of the bus, especially considering that much of the humor in this scene comes from the drivers and the rather dangerous and unpredictable nature of the bus’s movements. car. Whenever Ernie stepped on the brake and Harry stepped on the brake with his face in the glass twice, it was clear that the Knight Bus was everywhere – it was even considered one of the most dangerous vehicles in the world. Harry Potter.


Bus knight in the dark on the terraced street

JK Rowling presents some history of the Knight Bus on the Wizarding World website, this is a must see Harry Potter Any fan page. According to her, the service was created after calling for safer and more reliable transportation for underage mages and others who can’t or don’t feel safe while Apparating.

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The Ministry of Magic refused their request to provide the Thestrals with broom carts and baskets, and in the end, they decided to use a more modern form of transport inspired by the Muggle bus services. While some would argue that Muggles should pay attention to noisy vehicles, its stealth capabilities prove quite handy.

Ernie and Stan

Stan and Ernie Harry Potter

The bus driver Ernie and the conductor Stan are some of the most memorable characters Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban. Stan Shunpike has a much larger role in the books, even appearing in Deathly Hallows He was once an unhappy Death Eater, but even one scene from the movie made him the center of attention. There is an interesting history behind their name.

In the Knight Bus note on the Wizarding World website, JK Rowling says she actually named them after her two grandfathers, Ernest and Stanley. While these characters may be a bit quirky emotionally, it’s still a great way to honor family members.

Genius shrinks head

harry potter miniature head

one of the biggest supplements Prisoner of Azkaban Iconic scaled-down movies. Many fans may wonder why it takes up such a large portion of the scene, especially considering the first part never appeared in the canon. Harry Potter book series.

JK Rowling explained that the filmmakers came up with the idea of ​​shaking her shrunken head, which she loves so much. She was even quoted in the book harry potter movie magicsay, “I wish I had thought of that.” Oh, and that’s just another reason to watch and read the series.

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“Knight” bus

Stan Shunpike talking to Harry on the steps of the Knight Bus

The “Knight” bus is clearly a parody of the real-life London night bus service, but it’s much more than a nighttime bus. According to JK Rowling, she meant that the name was both a homonym for the word “night” and the mark of a true “knight”.

Like the traditional knight in shining armor, the Knight Bus is said to symbolize rescue and protection. This is the last option for witches and wizards, but the community still turns to it when needed. So it’s definitely an appropriate title.

The two of them!

The Knight Bus in Harry Potter

For the Knight bus to appear in the movie, the props department actually had to make two to pull many scenes out of the film. One is dedicated to outside shots, and the other is equipped with a more powerful motor to move under such a heavy load.

With such a big bus, the surrounding cars are really driving very slowly to simulate the fast driving of a three-decker bus. It’s definitely cinematic magic!

it actually still exists

Knight Bus Universal Studios

Of course, one of the most interesting parts Harry Potter The Knight Bus is real and looks like the bus used in the movie. An old Routemaster was reconstructed for the concept of the book, and the special effects department had to cut off the top of the bus to accommodate the third floor.

Routemasters are red double-decker buses that have been used in London for many years, so it makes sense for the vehicle to be the basis for the fictional version. You can visit the Purple Knight Bus at Universal Studios Florida, and for die-hard fans there, it’s a perfect photo spot.

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