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Buy free coins and diamonds in the store. Once purchased, you need to use them once to update the value.

In Hidden Epee, mysteries hide in unexpected places. That’s why we need to choose people with sharp eyes. But it doesn’t have to come from your talent. It comes from hard work through great challenges. History is full of mysteries, and nothing is more exciting than unraveling them. From there find clues about strange missing things. Their stories will gradually be deciphered. We need to hit the road before all is lost.

G5 Entertainment is a developer dedicated to providing educational products. Their puzzle options are also varied and well crafted. Help the visuals and the plot create their interesting features. Hidden Epee will be interesting for those who like to find hidden objects. The journey and the challenge will be connected. Create trips you’ve probably never seen in your life. The way you solve problems will help strengthen your skills. Let’s slowly adapt to things that are more complicated, a little stressful.

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A powerful artifact mysteriously lost by some force. Ancient clues are left to help us solve the case. It’s best to find those before the tracks are completely gone. Each level requires us to find all the missing things. They hide in different environments and can blend in with nature. Look closely and you’ll see what each object looks like. When everyone has gathered together, you will pass the level. Remember that the difficulty will increase and there are many things waiting for you. We will explore a plot with many twists and turns.

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Two maps, two ways to play

Hidden Epee is not just a hidden object game as you can see. It also offers us another way to play: Match 3. You can switch to this game instead of finding objects. It is very useful when we are completely bored with this kind of game. Solving match-3 puzzles is as difficult as finding hidden objects. You also have to play smart so you don’t run out of water. That way you can win and still get all the points. Each map has its special level. You will still follow an interesting and deep storyline.

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collect items

In each chapter, your hard work will pay off. It is a precious antique gift for the collection. Help prove your achievements and progress in the game. The further you go, the more chances and chances you have to win them. There are also special achievement badges that reward you when you hit achievements. Great quests and valuable rewards are waiting for you to complete. Being active will help us achieve a lot of success. Hidden Epee always appreciates your hard work exploring the world.

hidden epee mode

share achievements

The game also has a highly accurate achievement rating system. All players can connect to their social network to share them. The number of levels completed will give you a certain number of points. Therefore, those who solve more puzzles stand in a higher position. Finally, you can compete to improve your work in the Hidden Epee mod.

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