Hocus Pocus 2: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Sanderson Sisters

trick 2 One of Disney’s most anticipated live action movies of the decade. The film will stream exclusively on Disney+ starting September 30, in time for Halloween. The film kicks off from the previous season, with the iconic Sanderson sisters rising from their cursed image, taking the form of statues, and once again taking revenge on the town of Salem.

Each of the three sisters has a unique personality that viewers can recognize, whether it’s a host like Winifred, obsessed with romance like Sarah, or ready for a snack like Mary.

resting witch face

many actors trick 2 Fans have been seen in their previous works, but none are as recognized as Bette Midler, who plays the principal’s sister, Winifred Sanderson. Winifred is not afraid to show her emotions, even though her scope is limited.

Her emotions range from being angry when her plans don’t go her way to hating everything related to happiness or joy. Winifred can’t hide her emotions because her face shows her emotions in front of her mouth.

They are back!

Although the Sanderson sisters first hit the silver screen three decades ago, the sisters now have a fan base that spans generations and have earned themselves a sequel.

While fans still love the iconic sisters’ first movie, they’re even more excited to experience the power of these witches again. This meme shows that even three decades later, the Sandersons are still Halloween royalty. The second movie promises a true origin story for the two sisters, which is why it’s a must-see for September.

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snack time

Cannibalizing children is the primary target of the Sandersons, who will take their favorite treats any chance they can get their hands on them. Although the sisters discover the magic of public transportation in a scene with the bus driver, they never knew about the school shuttle bus, but if it did, Winifred quipped a subtle way of how convenient their dinner will be.

Judging from the trailer, the two sisters seem to have lived many lives and won’t give up on their pursuit of eternal youth any time soon.

kids? not a fan

As shown in the candy or teasing scene, Winifred Sanderson finds children amusing only when she is about to use their life force to enhance her youthful appearance. Besides, she likes them to stay away from her.

Winifred is not like the witches in the other stories, who see the good in the world in their youth and turn towards the good. She would rather have an adult-only world if it meant she could practice her magic in peace and rule over all of Salem.

a peaceful circle

For everyone’s happiness, there is always a friend who tries to keep everyone calm, calm and composed. Survive. Rhetoric, Mary fulfills this role more than any other sister.

No matter how often Winnie stopped her, Mary was always the first to try to calm her sister’s nerves so they could carry on with their devious plans. Mary is the least bad sister in terms of how she treats others, much to her eldest sister’s disappointment.

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Problem solved

One thing viewers need to remember before watching trick 2 It is the Sandersons who can solve any problem with a little magic and a good attitude.

Unlike other witch movies, Sanderson will use their magic whenever and wherever it makes their lives easier, like turning Sacre into a cat, or using words their signature”I put a spell on my friend. “ These sisters are not afraid of their power at all.

scary event

Movies aside, the Sanderson sisters have become cultural icons in the Halloween-loving community, and it’s unacceptable to see the film at least once a year, let alone not watch it. Although they were destined to be the villains in the film, the audience’s connection to the sisters made them love them more than the main characters the screenwriters never imagined.

The sisters may be evil at their core, but there’s something so endearing about them that fans wish people knew how awesome these witches are.

evil old man

With their distinct personalities, the Sanderson sisters are easily recognized by their fans and inspire fans to apply some of the Sanderson traits to their daily lives. Sarah is the standout of the bunch with her perfect smoky eyes and love for all things romantic. While Winifred focuses on power and puts the people of Salem in their place, especially if they are children.

While most people want to be Sarah and Winifred, sometimes they end up as Mary who lets loose if it means she can enjoy a good show and snack.

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though that voice

Although Winifred leads the band when the sisters take over the Halloween party, she’s not the only sister with a charming voice. Sarah can use her whistle song to attract Salem’s kids to her so she can eat them and stay young.

Her irresistible music is a big part of the sisters’ plan, while also showing Sarah’s strength when she gets the chance to shine. trick 2fans had to watch the movie to find that song.

holy barrel

The Sanderson sisters have a complicated relationship with Thackery Binx. After being turned into a cat and drained by a witch of his sister’s life, it’s safe to say that Binx isn’t a huge fan of the sisters and isn’t afraid to let them know.

Winifred is often careful with Binx’s words, as he tries to thwart her plans, and often despises her appearance and general manners. No matter how often her sisters tried to make her forget him, Winifred couldn’t ignore Binx.

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