Hogwarts Legacy: All Astronomy Table Locations (& How To Solve Them)

There are a total of fifteen astronomical tables scattered all over the place hogwarts heritage. Players receive this quest halfway through the game, depending on how long they’ve roamed Hogwarts. Each observatory is used to view a constellation in the wizarding world.

in many collections hogwarts heritage, the astronomical table is one of the few individual items found. However, there are a few things that make them a bit difficult to do. First, make sure that the player approaches the Observation Deck at night, as they are not active during the day. The first observatory was also found during the mission. While most of the observatories are located overhead, one is located at Hogwarts, which is much harder to find. In general, the best way to solve an observatory is to zoom out enough to see everything, rotate the constellation until it matches the brighter star, then zoom in until the jigsaw sounds. clack.

How to start the stopwatch mission

Main quests available after Percival Rackham’s Trials Elf, bag and loomAllows players to upgrade equipment hogwarts heritage.according to Join Astronomy Explore and take an astronomy class. During class, the professor will ask Amit to share his telescope with the player. After school, he will give the spare telescope to the player, on the condition that the player does something for him. Head downstairs to find his old telescope, then head back up the spiral staircase.

Meet Amit on the lower pedestal, and he will reveal that he is also working on chronographs. Go with him and he will lead you through the bell tower courtyard and towards the castle wall. Climb the ramparts and go through the door leading to the tower. Blow up the boxes in front of the next door and continue to the next tower. There will be some cobwebs that need to be removed, this can be done using Incendio or Confringo.

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The observatory is right ahead after going through the next door. For this board, the player has to zoom in a bit to get the pieces fully aligned and make a click. This is Lyra, and when completed, Amit will tell the player that there are more tables overhead and that the player can solve the remaining 13 puzzles.

marsh north ford

Hogwarts Heritage Observatory Taipei Ford Marsh

Hogwarts Heritage Astronomical Table North Ford Swamp Constellation

This one is right outside of Santa Barcata. Probably easiest to get there by air, but it’s also possible to hop over the wire fence next to the bridge and walk up the hill to get there. The answer to this puzzle is the centaur.

forbidden forest

The Forbidden Forest Hogwarts Heritage Astronomy Board

Forbidden Forest Constellation Hogwarts Heritage Astronomy Board

This one is at the top of the hill, near Hippogriff Den hogwarts heritage. The solution is Draco.

South Hogwarts

Hogwarts South Hogwarts Heritage Astronomical Table

Hogwarts Heritage Astronomical Table Hogwarts Southern Constellation

This one is on top of another hill, just off the main road from Hogwarts Castle to Hogsmeade. The answer to this chart is Scorpio.

Hogwarts Valley – Brockborough

Hogwarts Heritage Observatory Hogwarts Brockborough Valley

Hogwarts Heritage Astronomical Table The Hollow Hogwarts Constellation Brockburrow

This one is located just outside Brocburrow’s Hamlet, on the hill next to a pile of crates and crates. The solution to this board is the constellation Corvus.

Hogwarts Valley – Keene Bridge

The Astronomical Table Inheriting Hogwarts Hogwarts Valley Kenbridge

Hogwarts Heritage Astronomical Table Hogwarts Valley Keenbridge Constellation

This village is near Keenbridge. Across the river is a ruined castle, which also contains an ancient magic hotspot. Wingardium Leviosa can be used to move crates and climb from inside the castle to the roof. As usual, players can fly to the top. The answer to this chart is Capricornus.

southern field

Hogwarts Feldcroft South Heritage Astronomical Table

Hogwarts Heritage Astronomical Table Southern Constellation Feldcroft

This one is just north of the South Fieldcroft Floo Flames. It is located on top of a hill overlooking hogwarts heritage Landing platform and sea. The solution for this board is the constellation Horologium.

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northern field

Hogwarts Feldcroft North Astronomical Table

Hogwarts Heritage Table Feldcroft Northern Constellation

This one is located in North Feldcroft, on a hill next to a small Robber camp, overlooking another small Robbery camp. The solution to this table is the constellation Lacerta.

Rippled coast

Poidsear Coast Hogwarts Heritage Observatory

Hogwarts Heritage Astronomical Table Constellation of the Coast Poidsear

This one is off the coast of South Bossier. The solution for this board is the constellation Hydra.

marenweem l.

Hogwarts Heritage Observatory Lake Marunweem

Hogwarts Heritage Astronomical Table Constellation Lake Marunweem

This one is on the hill in Thestral Den. That’s Canis Major.

cape manor

Hogwarts Heritage Astronomical Table Manor Manor

Hogwarts Heritage Astronomical Table Cape Constellation Manor

There are some very strong enemies here, so be careful. There is also a Merlin Proving Ground nearby. The observatory is located on the roof. This is Sagittarius.

Kragmar . Coast

Clagmar . Coast Hogwarts Heritage Lookout

Hogwarts Heritage Astronomical Table Clagmar Coast Constellation1

This is on top of a cliff overlooking the coast. This is the constellation Sirius.

Clarkcroft County

Hogwarts Cragcroftshire Heritage Astronomical Table

Hogwarts Heritage Observatory Cragcroftshire Constellation

This is also on top of some cliffs overlooking the sea. For this, there are campfires nearby that can be easily spotted from brooms or mounts. This is Cetus.

hogsmeade valley

Hogwarts Heritage Astronomical Table Hogsmeade Valley

Hogwarts Inheritance Table Hogsmeade Valley Constellation

It is located just off Hamlet in Upper Hogsfield. It’s a bit difficult to spot because the player has to walk through some rocky forest to see it. The answer to this chart is Leo.

Hogwarts Observatory

Hogwarts Observatory

The constellations at the Hogwarts observatory

Return to Hogwarts to find the last table. Go to the Clock Tower Courtyard, then walk towards the Greenhouse. There is an arch with a spinosaur inside. Pass the dragon and keep following the path until another arch appears. Go through it and go straight to the stairs. Go down the stairs and keep going straight; observatory is waiting for you.

Upon completion of the Astronomy Board, the player is rewarded with Star-Eyed Seer gear, which can also be used to customize the look of other gear. This includes scarves, dresses and gowns, but no face coverings or headgear. After that, the player can continue his journey hogwarts heritage wonderful.

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Editor’s note: Harry Potter author JK Rowling has been accused of being transgender by people in the LGBTQ+ community. Although not directly involved in the development of Hogwarts Legacy, Rowling still earns royalties from the game. We would like to reiterate our support for transgender rights, transgender identity is valid. Support services for transgender people affected by discussions of transgenderism are listed below.

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