Homeless dog refuses to leave his unfortunate dog friend lying dead in the rain

The dog cries constantly, refusing to leave the friend in need. He sat helplessly beside his puppy friend.

Dogs are considered as the true and best friend of man. In this case, the dog is very devoted to his friend on the verge of death.

The scene where two dogs were noticed by a man on the street. This touching story happened in China.

A man named Xiong was the one who rescued one of the dogs. Unfortunately, one of the dogs died and was lying on the ground in the rain.

The other dog refused to follow the man he loved with all his heart. The man put an apron on the dog so the dog wouldn’t freeze.

It is very difficult to separate the dog from its dying friend. The man took the dog home, fed it properly, and took care of it.

The man then took down the video and photo on social media. He hopes that the puppy will be adopted by someone and that he will soon have a permanent home. We hope that the dog will soon be adopted by a dear family.

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