What you see first in the optical illusion reveals if your strength is book smarts, good instincts or loving a challenge

It is said that YOUR greatest strength is revealed depending on what you see first in this optical illusion.

The image should say if you are smart, have good instincts or just like a challenge.


The first thing you notice about this image can reveal a lot about your personality, according to a TikTok userCredit: TIKTOK/psychologylove100

A TikTok user who goes by Psychology Love (@pschologylove100) showed the audience a photo of a girl standing in a wooded scene, which also resembles a skull.

In the video, the content creator told viewers what it means if they see a girl first.

“You have a unique gift,” the fan of optical illusions told his followers.

He continued: “[People who see the girl] they tend to overcome difficulties in life and are able to overcome obstacles with ease.

“Their youthful spirit makes them determined to take on challenges that others may have struggled with,” the TikToker added.

He also said that this category of people can handle pressure well due to their decisive nature.

The influencer then warned viewers not to panic if they notice the skull for the first time.

He said: “It doesn’t mean you’re a serial killer, although skulls are generally seen as a symbol of death, poison or something sinister, in this case they indicate a positive trait in your personality.

“The skull means that your greatest strength is your intellectual power, in other words, that you are smart,” the TikTok user continued.

He added: “Skulls have been used in art and literature to represent the power of the mind and in this case, that is also true.

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“Your greatest strength lies in your deepest thoughts,” the content creator concluded.

Finally, he explained that focusing on the dark woods first means that his greatest strength is good instincts.

“In situations where others would panic, you can always trust your gut because you know it will work out in the end,” the TikToker said.

TikTok users opened the comments section to share their thoughts on the illusion.

“I saw the skull first, which supposedly means I’m smart, but I should have been told there was a possible third separate image of the girl,” one onlooker quipped.

Another follower said: “I can only see the skull if I cross my eyes for a few seconds.”

“Wow, I was completely missing my skull near the end of this,” a third person commented.

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