How ‘Bitwit’ Host Kyle Hansen And Ex-Wife Heather deCaussin Are Coping After Their Divorce

Kyle Hansen and Heather deCaussin, the couple behind the fun vlogs on Bitwit, a tech channel, have split. They were together for a long time, and the breakup was hard on both of them. Life, however, goes on. And after the divorce, they are now ready to move on from their past and concentrate on other things.

Fast facts

Full nameKyle Hansen
date of birthOctober 9, 1988
Age34 years
Height/How tall?5 feet 6 inches
Father’s nameON
Mother’s nameON
Gender identityMale
Is he married?Divorced
Is he gay?Not
Netto value1.5 million dollars

Kyle Hansen Net Worth

Kyle Hansen’s net worth as of August 2023 is around $1.5 million.

Split after a long wait

Hansen and deCaussin first met in 2010. They have been in a wonderful relationship ever since. In 2015, the couple got married. But things started to turn sour in late 2020. They broke up in late 2020 or early 2021 and took a break from YouTube. Hansen was the first to give an update on his life.

Hansen returned to Bitwit after a month’s hiatus with a video titled ‘I’M BACK!!’ on the channel. ‘Exciting news: NEW YouTube channel!’ The video, which was released on January 25, 2021, gave an insight into his recent hiatus, as well as the future of the channel and his future.

He started the video by explaining what made him take a break, one of them being personal issues with his ex-wife. He expressed his gratitude to everyone who supported him during this difficult time.

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Kyle Hansen and his wife

He also revealed that he had time to think about his goals for the new year. On that note, he announced plans for a new YouTube channel called ‘wrkhrs3’, as well as a new Twitch channel with the same name as a way to start over.

Hansen then stated that he would devote a lot of time and effort to developing the new channel, which would mean less content on Bitwit. However, he assured fans that BITwit will continue. deCaussin then gave her update. Hers, like Hansen’s, was via video on her YouTube channel, but it was much shorter.

Kyle started the video explaining why she hasn’t been active on social media. She acknowledged the divorce and thanked her family, friends and fans for their support. She also stated that her divorce from Hansen was one of the most challenging experiences of her life.

Then, after discovering she was in a new place, she discussed her plans to experiment with the channel while still maintaining her cooking content. At the end of the video, DeCaussin expressed her curiosity about where this new chapter in her life might take her.

Next steps

Both Hansen and deCaussin are on their way out. And this can be seen in their online work. Hansen seems more invested in his YouTube endeavors. Since announcing his divorce, he has been extremely active on both of his channels.

He has posted 19 videos on wrkhrs3 and many more on Bitwit since January. His Bitwit content is essentially the same as his wrkhrs3 content, with the more experimental ones appearing on wrkhrs3. He also dyed his hair pink and got roasted on Reddit.

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DeCaussin, on the other hand, isn’t too keen on YouTube right now. She has only posted three other videos since her personal update video. One was a tour of her new home, another was a recipe for dairy-free risotto, and the last was her five tips for dealing with anxiety and depression.

The last video on the channel was uploaded four months ago and there has been no activity since then. Despite their different approaches to YouTube, the former couple seems to be adjusting well to life post-divorce. It will be exciting to watch them embark on a journey of personal development and experimentation.

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