How Much Is A Galaxy On TikTok? The Gift’s Price, Explained

Have you ever seen an amazing galaxy on TikTok live and wondered how much the sponsor paid for the gift? Fans love to stay in business with their favorite creators. Sometimes that means buying their work, sometimes it means donating. While viewers can’t cash in a guitar case in the virtual world, platforms like TikTok have found ways for viewers to support similar artists through giveaway features.

TikTok is a short video app for millions of content creators. But only creators with more than 1,000 followers can access the stream. TikTok has rolled out the Gifts feature to reward creators for their hard work. Paid by fans, creators receive virtual items as gifts that can be exchanged for diamonds and converted to real-world cash. To keep these giveaways fun, TikTok regularly adds new content. But even with the new additions, select items are still popular with customers, such as Galaxy gifts.

It’s easy to support your favorite creators on TikTok while watching live. Besidesadd comment‘function, select’Gift‘ icon. or,’Rose‘ An icon can be selected, but this will only send a commission and will not allow the user to choose other options. Once ‘Gift‘ Feature selected, choose from many options at different price points. Some gifts are simple vector images, while others come with fun and creative effects. For just 1,000 coins, Galaxy delivers a stunning illustration of the universe for content creators and viewers.

Convert coins to dollars

Users who are buying coins for the first time may wonder what 1,000 coins represent in actual dollars. The price of the final Galaxy gift pack depends on the gift package the user chooses. Currently, 65 coins costs $0.99, which is 1,000 coins worth $15.84. However, you can buy a larger quantity of 1,321 coins for $19.99, making the gift price $15.13. While other plans have higher prices, the discount is not much. These packages are used to buy more coins at once. Plan prices can change at any time, so be prepared to overpay or underpay.

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While the Galaxy giveaway on TikTok isn’t the most expensive, it’s a popular choice. Some items, like Lion, sell for more than $400. Content creators will appreciate anyone spending that much money on their stream. TikTok is also offering a discount for users who buy a plan for the first time. Each pack will contain a certain amount of coin rewards, depending on the package. It’s worth noting that the creators only get half the cost of the gift. If the purpose is to ensure that the creator receives a specific amount, then the sender will have to spend more money. A fan of a creator who deserves a Galaxy gift? Watch their next live on TikTok and support their creation.

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