Mount and Magic MOD APK (Menu, God mode, Free purchase) 1.3.4

APK information of Mounts and Magic MOD

1. Menu2. Free in-app purchases3. God Mode (turn on/off before entering the stage for best results)

NOTE: This game may not run properly on Android emulator.

A role-playing game with a simple but unique graphic style that has attracted a lot of players called Mount and Magic. The player is transported to a fantasy world full of mysteries. There are witches, magic and powerful monsters. Rumor has it that this place also exists a group of souls called Unheads. Besides, there are ghosts and undead roaming the wilderness. Especially these dead souls have very valuable golden skulls. All magicians, archers, knights and even ordinary peasants wanted to take away.

It was the presence of these skulls that turned a dark land into a place of life. All the people in the world who need help come here. They have a variety of zombies and undead to attack you. There are some very small and badly designed green minis. Or zombies with gray skulls. There are also zombies wearing armor; you need to shoot that armor first. After destroying the enemy’s armor, you can approach and destroy them. Interspersed between them are yellow skulls. It is the object of making money and giving you more experience.

Download Mount and Magic mod – join the wave of killing golden skeleton zombies and earn tons of money

As mentioned earlier, the gameplay of Mount and Magic is very simple. Players take on one of these roles, be it a knight, a warrior or a farmer, etc., then hold a gun to shoot sparks, sparks, and long bolts of lightning. The gun fires continuously, so your task is to move your character around the land. Move around and let those rockets and electric arrows hit the zombie-dense areas. Avoid letting them approach and approach you. If it is too crowded, players can completely drown and get lost. At the end of the battle, a warning message will appear stating that most zombies will land in the process.

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Mount and magic apk for free

many objects

Everyone wants to have a golden skull and turn it into money and wealth. That’s why there are so many characters involved. Mount and Magic presents a treasure trove to choose from. A brown-haired warrior in a purple suit. The handle and shield of the mirror column are made of hard metal. Archer with beard and face with modern style. The witch in the mysterious red cloak. Defend the city with funny red heads. Wear armor like an old general. In his hand he held a shining sword. Some characters just change clothes and hair color differently.

Mounts and magic mods

lucky circle

Mount and Magic offers an interesting skill called Wheel of Fortune. To get here, players need to collect spins scattered on the battlefield. Then use them when winning the fight. Call it a wheel, but these are nine different cards. Different amounts of gold coins are written on the card. When you click the spin button, a glowing circle will appear, going through the cards one by one. Where it stops, the player’s reward will be added to the gold received. Occasionally click the card x2 amount of gold coins. Players can double their in-game earnings just by using the Wheel of Fortune.

Mounts and Magic Robots

gift box

In addition to collecting the blue hexagonal diamonds. Players can collect more gift boxes that appear on the battlefield. There are many valuable gift boxes, from small to large. Small old wooden box and a small gift card. The newly carved chest is decorated with many precious stones. It is the manifestation of treasure, and has many different cards. The cards in the field are collected and arranged in a certain order at the top of the screen. Once you’ve completed the level, you can use them to level up your weapons, heroes, and gear.

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mounts and magic apk

After the character is upgraded, not only the strength is improved, but the character’s appearance is also increased by a new value. There are numbers on the horse’s back. Walking and running termites emit white star-shaped fireworks. Or a hero surrounded by a golden halo. Every time they kill a zombie, they create an explosion with blue smoke. Download Mount and Magic to kill zombies and collect precious golden skulls.

Download Mount and Magic MOD APK for Android (Menu, God Mode, Free Purchase)

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