Final Fantasy XIV: How To Get (& Use) Thavnairian Calamari

Thavnairian Calamari is a culinary ingredient final fantasy 14 To cook Calamari Ripieni and Kalamarakia Tiganita, two new recipes are added in patch 6.1. Calamari Ripieni is a craftsman’s meal, increasing max CP from 21% to 26% and crafting from 4% to 5%. Instead, the Kalamarakia Tiganita is primarily intended for foragers, providing 6% to 7% perceptual abilities and 2% to 3% harvest. final fantasy 14.

As a seafood ingredient, Thavnairian Calamari is obtained naturally through sea fishing, especially in Thavnair. Likewise, those who want to catch this cephalopod need to have The Last Pedestrian And make enough progress through MSQ to get to this spot in the expansion. But also, final fantasy 14 The player needs to be a level 85 fisherman to successfully catch the Thavnairian squid. Recommended bait for this ocean fish is Ice Mackerel, level 90 bait that can be purchased from Token Exchange Merchants for Purple Collector Tokens x 5. However, those with the banker limited book can also use Level 1 Multi-Purpose Lure at a lower effective price.

Thavnairian Calamari can be seen on the beach near X:8.3 and Y:8.2 in The Perfumed Rise of Thavnair. This location is in the northwest of the map, along the coast near Zot . Tower final fantasy 14。 For best results, light anglers should eat a meal before starting fishing. Some of Gatherer’s best polishes include Sideritis Cookies, Yakow Moussaka, and Carrot Nibbles.

How to catch Thavnairian squid in FFXIV

However, in an attempt to capture Thavnairian Calamari final fantasy 14This squid will only appear to those who have read the great book on ichthyological folklore – Il Sabad and the North Empty. The Folklore Book can be obtained from the Splendors Provider in Radz-at-Han with a C×16 token from the Regional Folklore Vendor. final fantasy 14 Fans can get the required tokens by visiting the token exchange and purchasing C Tokens from a folk merchant in the area to receive White Gatherers x 100 tokens.

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White collector farming can be done in many ways, but one simple and attractive way is to join an ocean fishing trip in Limsa Lominsa port. These rides take place every 2 hours and take about 20 minutes to complete. Of course, finding collectibles is the most reliable way to get a White Gatherer Ticket, but you need to do some work to plan an effective route. final fantasy 14 Players have been issued tickets to get the required Codex, and they can go to The Perfumed Rise and catch their Thavnairian squid.

final fantasy 14 Available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam or the official Square Enix website.

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