How Much Were The Two And A Half Men Cast Paid For The First Episode & The Final One

After running for 12 seasons, two and a half men The rapid increase in per-episode pay for actors is well-documented, and two and a half men The pay is two and a half men has ended for the better part of a decade, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still one of the most watched and popular sitcoms around. From embarrassing family dynamics to hilarious relationships and mistakes, this show is filled with an unforgettable cast. These actors became completely iconic for their work on the show, and of course, they made a lot of money doing it.

From Charlie Sheen to Ashton Kutcher (though not at the same time), the actors who bring the show to life earn tens of millions of dollars per season, and their earnings will only increase as their time and popularity grows. two and a half men Still as popular as ever through syndication, even if actors no longer receive a salary, the royalty checks they receive from the show’s syndication are still huge.this two and a half men The salary is the highest in television history.

Holland Taylor: $75,000

Holland Taylor is a veteran actress, but her portrayal of Evelyn Harper instantly captured everyone’s hearts.Evelyn is an underrated person two and a half men Although she only appears occasionally, whenever she does, it’s always a memorable and hilarious episode.Since the veteran actor isn’t exactly a “regular,” her estimated pay per episode hovers around $75,000 (via celebrity net worth). While this number seems high, it’s relatively low compared to the rest of the cast. There’s also no sign of it rising or falling as the show goes on. Additionally, her appearances decreased with successive seasons.

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Conchata Ferrer: $100,000/$150,000

Berta two and a half man smiling, wearing black t-shirt and denim vest

Berta (Conchata Ferrer) is a beloved secondary character in Two and a Half Men as she is Charlie’s blunt and intimidating housekeeper who gives orders to her boss. Despite his fame, Ferrell is actually one of the show’s lowest-paid actors. However, she may have the fewest speaking lines of the entire cast, but she still makes an incredible amount per episode. Ferrell still brings in over $1 million a year (via celebrity net worth) and forever cemented his place in the hearts of fans of the show and television in general. Ferrell passed away in 2020, but playing Berta in this series will always be timeless.

Angus T. Jones: $200,000/$300,000

Jack gets spaghetti thrown at his head in Two and a Half Men

Angus T. Jones, who as a teenager played Alan’s son Jake on television, is the highest-paid kid on television. two and a half men Throw. The actor played a beloved and hysterical character on television as Jack, one of the naughtiest kids on television.Jones started the show with a signing bonus and earned over $200,000 per episode (via celebrity net worth). By the end of the show, he had earned $300,000. Making a lot of money before turning 18, Jones made history. He left before the show ended, but not without first making millions.

Melanie Lynskey: $200,000/$300,000

Ross looks worried in 'Two and a Half Men'

It’s unclear how much Melanie Lynskey’s salary increased during her time on the show.However, reports suggest she initially earned around $200,000 (via ECelebrity Spy).It’s impossible to forget this lovely person like her two and a half men Villain role, and as Rose (played by Lynskey)’s popularity soars and she appears more and more often, her paycheck will undoubtedly only increase.Lynskey is an experienced television and film actress, but she has made a fortune from recurring roles two and a half men.However, those estimates are likely high, as Lynskey herself said she was underpaid for her time on the show (pass metropolis).

Marlin Hinkle: $500,000


Marin Hinkle appeared in over 100 episodes of the series two and a half menPlays Judith, Allen’s ex-wife who keeps collecting alimony checks. Hinkle is best known for her role as Judith, and she also made a ridiculous amount of money considering her relatively small role in the show. Hinkle earns approximately $500,000 per two and a half men Episodes (via richest), although there’s no indication of how her salary has grown over the years. It’s safe to say that the $500,000 figure was Hinkle’s fee to play Judith in later seasons.

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Jon Cryer: $550,000/$620,000

Alan freaks out when toaster catches fire in 'Two and a Half Men'

Jon Cryer is actually the only actor from the show to appear in every single two and a half men episode. Jon Cryer has undoubtedly earned fame and fortune by playing the iconic (and mysteriously endearing) Alan Harper, and there’s no doubt that his salary has increased significantly over the years.It’s unclear exactly how much Jon Cryer earned during the show’s first season, but in the intervening seasons, he was two and a half men After casting, the actor earned approximately $550,000 per episode.During Ashton Kutcher’s final seasons, Claire’s salary rose to $620,000 per episode (via celebrity net worth).

Ashton Kutcher: $700,000

Walden yells at Ellen in Two and a Half Men

Ashton Kutcher replaced Charlie Sheen on the show when she and creator Chuck Lorre had a public feud, which proved to be very lucrative for Kutcher.When Kutcher joined the hit sitcom as Walden Schmidt, he ended up becoming one of the highest-paid actors on television, as he was earning $700,000 per episode (via business insider). However, unlike the rest of the cast, Kutcher never actually got a raise, despite joining the show with an already high salary, and he only appeared on the show for 4 seasons, while Clare appeared on 12.

Charlie Sheen: $800,000/$1.8 million

Charlie smiles at the TV in Two and a Half Men

Charlie Sheen has produced hundreds of thousands of episodes since the first two and a half men.compared to others two and a half men Sheen earned $800,000 per episode in season one, which was more than Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer earned in season 12.However, that’s nothing compared to Sheen’s final season, when he was earning close to $2 million per episode (via WHO). Not surprisingly, Sheen is the highest-paid actor on television, peaking in both his salary and his time on the show. While Charlie Sheen has certainly taken a step forward, it’s hard not to associate him with the iconic character of Charlie Harper.

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What have these two and a half actors been up to since the show ended

Charlie and Alan drinking in the lounge in

Several supporting roles in the play two and a half men Not much has been done since. Angus T. Jones, whose last appearance was an episode of Horace and Pete in 2016, appeared to have retired from acting, while Conchata Ferrell passed away in 2020.Holland Taylor continues her successful TV career with crime drama mr mercedes and the AppleTV+ series morning show.Two seasons of hit TV series starring Melanie Lynskey were hugely successful Yellow shirt army A third season was greenlit, with her earning $125,000 per episode (via metropolis). Marin Hinkle also had success two and a half menstarring in popular TV series the marvelous mrs maisel.

Jon Cryer has found great success on The CW as he played Superman’s nemesis Lex Luther in five different episodes. Supergirl, Batwoman, The Flash, Green Arrow, and legends of tomorrow, although his salary is unknown.Ashton Kutcher finds more success with Netflix sitcom pasture, the actor earned $800,000 per episode.However, no one’s salary can compare to Charlie Sheen two and a half men The follow-up to being fired from the show in 2011.Starring Xin Emotional management And somehow got paid even more than his two and a half mensalary, earning up to $2 million per episode (via These things).

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