How Old Is Shadasia Green? Boxer Age explored

Hailing from New Jersey, USA, Shadasia Green is a distinguished professional boxer recognized by her ring moniker, The Sweet Terminator. With an impressive record of 12 wins, including 11 knockouts, Green proudly holds the coveted title of the current WBC Silver champion in the super middleweight division. In a remarkable achievement, she triumphed over Elin Cederroos in February 2023, securing her position as the mandatory challenger for the WBC. In a recent event on August 5, 2023, Shadasia Green stepped into the ring against Olivia Curry in a 10-round match as part of the undercard for the Jake Paul-Nate Diaz pay-per-view event held in Dallas. Moreover, Jake Paul has voiced his strong belief in Green’s impending victory. Although Shadasia Green’s official Wikipedia page is yet to be established, her information is accessible across several online platforms. This article aims to synthesize Shadasia Green’s Wikipedia details. Born as Shadasia Amanda Green on August 7, 1989, in Patterson, N.J., the accomplished boxer currently stands at the age of 33.

How Old Is Shadasia Green?

She attained her high school diploma from Paterson East Side High School before embarking on higher education, majoring in Recreation and Tourism Studies. Commencing her athletic journey as an adept basketball player, Green later shifted her focus to boxing, embarking on a promising professional career. Her boxing debut took place in January 2019, marking the beginning of her remarkable trajectory. Shadasia Green’s parents are Gregory Fair Green and Rechelle Green. However, comprehensive details about her parents remain undisclosed. Throughout her basketball and boxing pursuits, Shadasia’s parents have remained steadfast pillars of support. Recognizing her athletic potential from a young age, they have consistently nurtured her passions and provided unwavering encouragement.

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Introduced to sports at an early age, Shadasia honed her basketball skills within a sports club. Her prowess on the court earned her recognition as a standout player in New Jersey. As her interests shifted toward boxing, she confided her aspirations in her family, who offered their wholehearted support. Recognizing the significance of education, Shadasia ensured the completion of her studies before wholeheartedly dedicating herself to boxing – a choice wholeheartedly endorsed by her parents. Shadasia forms a part of a tight-knit family of five siblings. Among them are three brothers, namely Gregory, Tyras, and Tydis, along with a sister named Tiarah. Although specific details about her siblings’ professional endeavors are presently unavailable, they share a bond forged through shared upbringing.

Shadasia’s brothers and sister are not solely family but also her closest confidantes, offering unwavering support through life’s journeys. As an American citizen, her ethnic background remains undisclosed. Notably, Shadasia Green is a lesbian who commemorated her commitment to her long-term partner Desha Bland on August 27, 2022. The couple exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony held in Punta Cana, attended by their nearest and dearest. Their marital journey commenced amidst blessings and love, although Shadasia remains discreet about her personal life, especially regarding her spouse. The skilled boxer maintains an authenticated Instagram account under the handle shadasia_green, amassing a following of 19.7K. Her feed predominantly showcases career-related content, though it refrains from offering glimpses into her family or marital life.

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