How Old Jake & Neytiri’s Kids Are In Avatar: The Way Of Water

Avatar: The Road of Water Focuses on Jake Sully’s family on Pandora, but the time gap between the films is so large that people question the ages of Jake and Neytiri’s children. The sequel has been in the works for the past 13 years AvatarWith its 2009 premiere, director James Cameron has finally delivered an epic sci-fi sequel to the highest-grossing film of all time. While many of the original actors and characters return, such as Sam Worthington as Jack Sully and Zoe Saldana as Neytiri, Avatar: The Road of Water Many new faces in the world of Pandora were also introduced, including Kate Winslet as Ronald and several younger actors (and a familiar one) playing Jack and Neytiri’s five children.

happened fifteen years later Avatarend, Avatar: The Road of Water Watch a whole new Pandora as the Sully family tries to keep each other safe from unprecedented hardships and tragedies. Avatar The sequel’s nuclear family includes Jack, Neytiri, eldest son Netyam, second son Loak and biological daughter Toukteri (“Took”) and their adopted children Spider and Kiri. Because there are three more people Avatar With a sequel in the works, audiences will be able to watch Jack and Neytiri’s children grow up as they continue to explore Pandora, from an early age. Avatar: The Road of Water.


Miles “Spider” Socorro, the eldest son of the Sully family, was adopted by Jake and Neytiri after the incident. Avatar (2009). Spider-Man is a human teenager who was born at the human base in Pandora in the original movie’s timeline, but was left at Hell’s Gate because he was believed to be too young to return to Earth. Confirming multiple character theories, Spider-Man is AvatarColonel Miles Squalridge, mother of the spider in avatar 2 Not explicitly disclosed. because he was already a child AvatarFinally, the age of the spider is about 15 or 16 years old Avatar: The Road of Water.

When Spider-Man embraced life in Na’vi avatar 2After that, Neytiri was still somewhat distrustful of his adopted son, due to his human origin. However, Spider is close to his sibling, Kiri, another adopted member of the Sully family. Spider-Man is played by Jack Champion, who most recently appeared in shout VI.


Jamie Flatters Plays Neyetam in 'Avatar: Way of Water'

performer ‘School of Good and Evil’As Jamie Flatters, Neteyam is the eldest son of Jake and Neytiri, a native of Pandora. Scene deleted at the end Avatar (2009) revealed that Neytiri was pregnant, so Neteyam was born shortly after the events of the original film. According to the sequel’s timeline, Jack and Neytiri’s son is Netiam Avatar: The Road of Water. Neteyam opens the series as the next generation leader AvatarHis role is due to him being the teenage heir to Jake, the leader of the Na’vi Omaticaya clan.

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Sigourney 2 Kiri weaver avatar

Kiri is one of the most curious members of the Sully family Avatar: The Road of Water. She is the oldest adopted daughter and teenage child of Jake and Neytiri, about 14 years old. Kiri is actually the biological daughter of human doctor Grace Augustine, played by Sigourney Weaver in the original film. For Augustine died fighting for the Na’vi AvatarFinally, Weaver entered Avatar: The Road of Water Initially there was a lot of speculation. However, it was later confirmed that Weaver would play the 14-year-old daughter of her original character.

Avatar: The Road of Water It is revealed that Kiri was born from the womb of Grace’s comatose avatar, which appears to coincide with Lo’ak’s birthday. She is still attached to her mother when she sees her dead body, but Kiri remains an integral member of the Sully family, especially to Spider and Tuk. She also possesses powers far beyond her siblings and provides many clues to Kiri’s true nature avatar 2.


lo'ak jake neytiri avatar 2

Lo’ak, Jake and Neytiri’s second biological son, is a bit of an outcast in his community and struggles to get Jake’s approval. Like his father, teenager Lo’ak started out as a sassy outcast, but he played a brave role for his family. Lo’ak is enough to become a warrior in Pandora, in Avatar: The Road of Water certain period of time Avatar and its sequel. Neteyam and Lo’ak also seem to be quite close in age, so 14 years old is also reasonable. Junior Lo’ak by players ready a British actor Dalton, the young Lo’ak was played by Chloe Coleman.

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Avatar 2 tuk trinity jo-li Bliss

Jake and Neytiri’s youngest and only daughter, Tuktirey, known as “Tuk”, is about eight years old avatar 2. performer turn redTuk’s Trinity Jo-Li Bliss is close to adopted sister Kiri avatar 2. The youngest of Jack and Neytiri’s five children, Took is very protective of his siblings and parents.

How big will Jack and Neytiri’s baby be in ‘Avatar 3’?


With the franchise far from over, fans are starting to wonder how old Jake and Neytiri’s kids will be avatar 3. Although a lot has changed in the Sully family between book 1 and book 2, there will be no leap in time 15 years. avatar 3 Like it took 13 years for this movie to come out. James Cameron confirms filming avatar 3 full means that the children will remain relatively the same age avatar 2. However, a big change will take place avatar 3 Lo’ak took on the role of his father and turned his attention to Jake and Neytiri’s children.

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