How Thanos Beat Hulk So Easily Without Any Infinity Stones

Thanos can easily defeat Hulk Avengers: Infinity War Fight, but that has nothing to do with the infinity gem. The MCU’s “Infinity Saga” spent years building Thanos into the universe’s most powerful villain, culminating in a team of great heroes. Infinity War And Endgame.Thanos may have hunted down the six Infinity Stones to achieve his ultimate power, but Infinity War Turns out, he would have been a formidable foe without them.

Avengers: Infinity War Thanos and his crew have taken over Thor’s Asgardian spaceship. Hulk fights Thanos, but is defeated by the Mad Titan. While it’s no surprise that Thanos eventually defeated the Hulk, it’s still shocking to see him do it with such ease. It could even be assumed that Thanos used the power stones he had. However, at infinity war During a Q&A with Collider, directors Anthony and Joe Russo said that Hulk’s early failures were all self-made by Thanos and that it needed to happen.

Thanos defeats Hulk because he’s a more skilled fighter

When it comes to pure brute force in the Marvel Universe, the first thing that comes to mind is usually the Hulk of the universe. This green giant is known for his rage and will destroy everything in his path. This physical strength manifests itself in Avengers: Infinity WarHulk actually defeated Thanos at the beginning of the movie, but the fight quickly took a different turn. Hulk’s defeat could be attributed to Thanos’ possession of the Power Stone, but since Thanos never drew it in battle, Russell believes he doesn’t need it to win.

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Despite my strength, butAvengers: Infinity War Hulk doesn’t usually use strategy to fight. Bruce Banner has trouble controlling aggressive monsters, so Hulk’s rampages are often not premeditated. Compared to an extreme strategist like Thanos, Hulk’s mindless punching style will definitely catch up with him. Thanos is a much more skilled fighter as he considers his every move, which ultimately explains why he was able to defeat the physically strong Hulk with such ease.

Thanos needs to defeat Hulk for Hulk’s character arc to work

Hulk was defeated by Thanos in Infinity War

While Hulk feels embarrassed to defeat Thanos early on, for the sake of his character, it needs to happen. Bruce struggles to make his Hulk character visible again, because Hulk is embarrassed and scared after the battle, but also because Hulk doesn’t want to be Bruce’s problem solver anymore. In the years following the “Blip” incident, Avengers: Infinity War This incident eventually encouraged Bruce to research his two inner consciousnesses, leading to the intelligent Hulk appearing in the outer world. Endgame. This wouldn’t have happened without the catalyst for the Hulk to defeat Thanos, proving it was ultimately necessary.

Hulk loses the opening match with Thanos Infinity War It might come as a surprise at first, but it makes sense and for his character it needs to happen. Since Thanos has never drawn a power stone in a battle, his victory is entirely due to him being the more skilled fighter. It was a reality check for the Hulk, and while his disappearance was inconvenient for Bruce, it allowed him to finally take control of his own Hulk persona. Avengers: Infinity War Failure was a catalyst for both Bruce and Hulk’s personality development, so he should live better now.

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