How to Find (& Catch) Shiny Salazzle in Pokémon Sword & Shield

Shiny Salazzle is hard to find Sword and Shield Pokémon. This guide will help players find this elusive creature. Shiny Hunting itself is one of the most time-consuming activities a player can engage in. This means spending time fighting or breeding specific Pokémon before the Shiny variant appears. These shiny shapes come with a new color palette that sparkles every time they are thrown out of the Pokeball. Only the most dedicated and hardworking Pokemon trainers travel the world in search of these extremely rare creatures. Normally, breeding is a safe way to find shiny Pokemon, but with Salazzle, it’s best avoided. Salazzle is an interesting case of shiny hunting. This is mainly because only female Salandit can evolve into Salazzle, so it is difficult to hatch or to find. Only 12.5% ​​of Salandit are female and males are completely unable to evolve. This Pokémon is native to the Alola region, Pokemon Sun and Moon. This is a very powerful Poison and Fire-type Pokemon, making it a great addition to any player’s team. Players can find their Shiny Salazzle by Sword and Shield Pokémon.

When Shiny hunts Pokémon, there are several things the player needs to complete. These include understanding how Shiny hunt works and what items will increase your chances of finding shiny prey, whether through breeding or combat. While not necessary, these are meant to make it easier for you to come across these elusive shiny creatures. Not looking for these items/abilities will make the whole experience more time consuming. In addition, these include good reasons to return to the Galar world and complete everything it has to offer. Below is a list of everything players need to hunt Salazzle in the best way possible.

  • Oval amulet: Eggs are more likely to appear when the Pokemon is in the nursery. The player must be a champion. Head to Circhester and enter the building next to the Pokemon Center. Inside will be a trainer who will only fight the players after they become champions. Defeating him, he grants the player the Oval Charm.
  • Flame body: Help eggs hatch faster. There are currently 7 Pokémon in Pokémon Sword and Shield that have this ability. These Pokémon are Litwick, Lampent, Chandelure, Carkol, Coalossal, Sizzilipede, and Centiscorch. Carkols are the easiest of the bunch, as players can find them in the Galar Mines. When the player has a Carkol with a flaming body, the eggs will hatch faster.
  • Same area as above: Increases the chance of catching shiny eggs. To get one of these, players may need to trade with coaches from other regions. If the player has a Pokemon Home, they can use GTS to search. Breeding this Ditto with another Pokemon will increase the chance of the egg glowing.
  • shiny charm: This entry changes the odds from 1/4096 to 1/1365.33. To obtain this item, the player needs to complete the in-game Pokedex, which means catching and registering all 400 Pokémon in the game. Once this is done, go to Circhster and enter the building with the flag outside. Enter the elevator and go to the leftmost room. Talk to the doctor in this room, he will give the player a shiny charm.
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Once the player has all of these, it is now just a game of chance. Players can find Shiny Salazzle in the following ways.

Where to find Shiny Salazzle in Pokemon Sword and Shield

As for Shiny Salazzle, you should get one by participating in Max Raid Battles. Salazzle appears in 3-5 star Raid Battles in Dusty Bowl, Giant’s Cap, Hammerlocke Hills, Lake of Outrage, and Stony Wilderness. Summon Giant Pokémon in Max Raid Den with Wish Shards. This is how players move between Pokemon until they find Salazzle.

  1. Make sure to disable autosave and set the text speed to slower in the settings.
  2. Throw the wish piece into the nest. When the flash appears, go to the home button. Close the game and reset until it becomes the color the player needs.
  3. When the color appears, save and interact with Den, then select “Invite others”
  4. Go back to the main menu and change the date to tomorrow in the settings.
  5. When Shiny Salazzle appears, return to the game to fight it.

You should do it through Max Raid Battle, as female Salandit is harder to find. This process requires patience. The longer you wait, the more satisfying the rewards are. Repeat this process until you find Shiny Salaz.

Shiny Pokemon is the rarest and most valuable in the series. There are very few players in the game who can catch one in the story.exist Gold and Crystal Pokemon, The player can meet Shiny Gyarados in the Lake of Wrath. The player needs to defeat the Red Gyarados to calm the waters and restore peace to the town. In addition, Shiny Pokemon are usually obtained through Game Freak events. Recently, Game Freak held a special contest and released Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass and Isle of Armor, where they tested if over 1 million players could defeat Zeroara in a Max Raid. Fortunately, this is only 10% of the game’s user base and players can easily achieve this goal. Game Freak releases Shiny Zeroara as a reward for players Pokemon House. It’s only for a limited time, but it shows that the company loves hosting these events. Game Freak will likely do something similar with the release of the second half of its expansion, Crown Tundra. This installment, slated for release later this fall, will feature a new wild, over 100 older Pokemon from previous generations, and some new Legendary Pokemon. Crown Tundra gives players another chance to find old and new Shiny Hunt Pokémon.

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Sword and Shield Pokémon Now available on Nintendo Switch.

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