Zombie Towers MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/onehit, rapid fire) 13.0.71

APK information of Zombie Tower MOD

[ Player Menu ]

  • -> Godmode Wall
  • -> One shot kills
  • -> Unlimited Ammo
  • -> Maximum range
  • -> max target
  • -> quick shot

[ Account Menu ]

  • -> Buy gems for free
  • -> buy gold for free
  • -> Add gems when buying
  • -> Increase gold when buying

When we are threatened by danger, we often have ingenious ways to avoid them. In Zombie Tower, build sturdy towers for safety. Avoid the onslaught of ferocious zombies everywhere. Use powerful weapons to effectively stop them. Build your fortress to become stronger and more importantly keep humanity alive. As long as you have faith, it’s never too late.

Strategic defense games always attract a lot of players. Zombie Towers is also one of the games appreciated by the community. Fun graphics make the game stress free. Combine that with the beautiful battle music for extra drama. But to win, you have to use your wits. Try it now and see how far you can go in this fierce battle.

Download Zombie Tower mod – build the strongest fortress in the world

Your luck doesn’t stop there as one of the last survivors on Earth. Let’s start building a fortress for the last of humanity. Defend it from an army of terrible and aggressive undead. Each of their attacks has a different nature. So you need to be equipped with powerful weapons to destroy the enemies. Upgrade the necessary combat abilities to make your army more experienced. Once you master the basics, you don’t have to fear any attacks. Extremely easy to understand and easy to achieve what you need.

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free zombie tower

upgrade tower

Your fortress will include surrounding towers for guarding and combat duties. In the face of increasingly powerful attacks, the building will inevitably be overwhelmed. Therefore, upgrading is the wisest choice to maintain the defense. With each upgrade, the number of guns in the tower and their ammo will increase. You will also see how the shape of the building will become more modern. Build strength in battle and be ready to face the most difficult situations. Under your command, the enemy cannot defeat a powerful counterattack. Show them the true power of humanity.

usage skills

Combined with powerful towers, we will have support skills at your disposal. Every time you reach a higher level, you have the option to unlock or upgrade your skills. There are a lot of things that are worth it, such as increasing the tower’s attack range, increasing damage or the ability to capture the head. Depending on your strategy and goals, you can focus on upgrading to meet your needs. Any choice will have a big impact on your fortress. Try to reach higher levels to get more skill points for yourself. You will feel completely different after each supplement. Constantly modernizing your weapons.

zombie tower mod apk

strengthen the walls

The walls around the fortress were the only thing that could stop the undead. They will try to break this wall to get into your camp. Walls only have a specific health limit to resist attacks. If economic conditions are sufficient, then focus on upgrading. The higher the HP, the longer the wall will last against solid enemies. Each upgrade also consumes more resources than before. Therefore, we need to use everything that can be stored to build the wall. Don’t focus so much on firepower that you forget about stopping the undead.

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android zombie tower mod

many dangerous enemies

Around the fortress that you control, there are many different types of immortal creatures. Many of them have abilities far beyond themselves. Usually, zombie miners wear helmets on their heads. They can take more damage from your towers and troops. Or a zombie with a rather large body and terrible endurance. They can get you into a lot of trouble if you’re not careful. But there are some great ways to get rid of these names quickly and easily. As long as your defense is strong enough, you don’t need to worry too much.

Whenever you have free time, download the zombie tower mod and have a relaxing time. It will bring you eye-catching battles against terrible zombies just like in the movies.

Download Zombie Towers MOD APK for Android (Menu, Unlimited Money/One Attack, Quick Shot)

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